Obviously the song order can be changed by anyone to fit their own likings, however, there were reasons for the order posted. A cdr fits 74 minutes of music so Rush In Salutes Volume 1 clocks in at 70:55 (leaving 3:05 leeway). Other selections will be included in Volume 2.
The criterion for inclusion and song order is listenability. Chronological order and tidy classification takes a backseat to how the cd sounds. Rush In Salutes is a mixture of Rush Covers AND Rush Tributes. I found that just listening to the covers DOES get a little stale but mixing in the tributes keeps it exciting. When it comes to covers of a specific song, I did try to break it up so there weren't any Tom Sawyers or Spirits Of The Radio back to back. Likewise Dream Theater, Primus, Chance and Zebra have done multiple covers. I have been selective in spacing these out. You will see more of them on collections to come. Hopefully this will provide the most enjoyable listening experience.