from the album SUCK ON THIS

Les Claypool - bass, vocals
Larry Lalonde - guitar
Tim Alexander - drums
Caroline Records
Carol CD 1620
Recorded live at The Berkeley Square on 2/25/89 and 3/5/89.
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Long before Primus ever opened for Rush, on their first cd, which in oddball Primus fashion was a live album, they began the first track with a snippet of Rush's YYZ.

Steve Says

I love Primus. They have an amazingly bizzare sound. Les Claypool is one of the top bass players. When Guitar Player magazine began their annual hall of fame awards, Geddy won best bass player immediately. Year two saw the induction of Les.

The album title, Suck On This, is a reference to the Primus fan chant. The story goes that once a fan complimented Les on how great Primus was. Les responded, "nah, we suck." The quip caught on and now you can hear fans chant "Primus Sucks" at their concerts.

Their mascot is Skeeter, a mosquito. (Get it? Mosquitos suck). For their 2000 Antipop tour they sold a concert t-shirt that looked like Rush's 2112 except in place of the man in the star, was Skeeter.


The first track on Frizzle Fry, Primus' second album, is actually the start of the same YYZ tribute that's on "John The Fisherman". It starts out exactly the same way (as if you bought the wrong cd) for a few seconds and then abruptly winds down, and then "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition" starts up. Those Primus guys are real jokers.
Primus opened for Rush in 1992 during the Roll The Bones tour and again in 1994 during the Counterparts Tour.

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