Track 1
from the single NOT FADE AWAY b/w YOU CAN'T FIGHT IT

Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
Alex Lifeson - guitar
John Rutsey - drums
Moon Records
MN 001
Rush's first single was a cover of a Buddy Holly song.


"...Not Fade Away. Actually, not too many people have that. That was obviously a very limited run of records. And that particular record was done with the original producer David Stock, who produced the first album in about two hours and it sounded like it was done in maybe two or three minutes. We just did a version of it that sounded good. It was real powerful. Nothing like the Rolling Stones version or the original version. It was a lot more powerful and it was a lot of fun to play. Playing the bars, it was a song that always went over really well. I think we used to close with it or we used to close a set with it." Alex from an '85 Source interview: Rush with the B-Man

"Not Fade Away" didn't have the edge of many other Rush songs of the period, although it does feature an amusing chipmunk-on-speed vocal performance from Geddy." Visions by Bill Banasiewicz

Steve Says

This is the holy grail of Rush collectors. Absolutely the rarist MUST HAVE for all insanely devoted fans. Good luck finding it.


When Terry Brown was called in to help punch up the first album, "Finding My Way" was added in place of the failed "Not Fade Away" source: Visions by Bill Banasiewicz

Where To Find It

Out of Print.

Not Fade Away at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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