Track 17
Canadian Guitar Summit
from the flexidisc BEYOND BORDERS

Ed Bickert - guitar
Liona Boyd - guitar
Rik Emmett - guitar
Alex Lifeson - guitar
Guitar Player Magazine
Eva-tone Soundsheets
While writing his Back To Basics column for Guitar Player magazine, Rik Emmett, guitarist for Triumph, wrote a piece that fused wildly different styles together. Rik wanted accomplished guitarists to be included in the project and he wanted to involve local Toronto talent. Guitar Player magazine published the result as a flexidisc soundpage in their July 1987 issue.

Steve Says

This six minute saga explores wildly varying styles and blends them together surprisingly well. It's very fun to listen to. Liona Boyd plays mostly classical while Ed Bickert is strictly a jazz guitarist. Blending them with Alex and Rik's hard rock styles worked out quite well.


Liona Boyd includes Alex in the "Special thanks" credits of her 1991 album Dancing On The Edge.

The flipside of the flexidisc contains two songs from the band Racer X featuring Paul Gilbert. Later, Paul Gilbert would become the guitarist for Mr. Big, who opened for Rush on the Presto Tour and Roll The Bones Tour. (See Rush Tour Schedules).

Rik Emmett and Liona Boyd joined Alex a year later on the extrmely rare recording Dream on the Horizon: A Tribute to the Olympic Spirit!

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Beyond Borders Out of Print.

Beyond Borders at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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