Track 3
Bob & Doug McKenzie
from the album GREAT WHITE NORTH

Geddy Lee - vocals
314 534 010-2
SCTV Comedians Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis release their comedy album Great White North, a parody featuring two Canadian hosers. Geddy sings on their "hit single".

Steve Says

This comedy song features Bob & Doug trying to upstage each other while Geddy sings in the background. Pretty damn funny if you ask me.


"I went to school with Rick Moranis, and basically grew up with him. When they were doing the album, they called me up and asked me if I'd sing on one of the tracks. So I went down and it took me all of half an hour to do. It was fun; strictly a fun thing to do with some pals. Nobody had any idea it would get as big as it did."Geddy Lee from Success Under Pressure

"I went to school with Rick Moranis from K thru 6 and were in the same class each year. We kept bumping into each other as adults and when that album came up, he contacted me to work on it with them. I went in to record and they were in character, and it was really a hoot! Thus my life in comedy started." Geddy Lee (MSN Chat, Dec. 20, 2000)


SCTV's Joe Flaherty appeared as Count Floyd for the filmed introduction for "The Weapon" that was used on the SIGNALS tour. .

The Simpsons animated television series, episode DABF06, "The Bart Wants What it Wants", includes a clip of "Take Off" when the Simpsons visit Toronto.

Dave Thomas' brother is Ian Thomas. Ian Thomas is signed with Rush's Anthem label. His keyboard player used to be Rush's cover artist Hugh Syme. Currently, he also plays with The Boomers. Alex jammed with the Boomers at the 95 Kumbaya Festival..

In 1986 the SCTV comedy troop released an album on Rush's Anthem label, Wankers' Guide To Canada.

Where To Find It

Great White North at CD Now.

Take Off at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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