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Finding My Way (5:06)
Need Some Love (2:19)
Take A Friend (4:24)
Here Again (7:35)
What You're Doing (4:22)
In The Mood (3:34)
Before and After (5:34)
Working Man (7:10)

Fly By Night

Anthem (4:22)
Best I Can (3:25)
Beneath, Between And Behind (3:02)
By-Tor and the Snowdog (9:05)
Fly By Night (3:21)
Making Memories (2:58)
Rivendell (4:57)
In The End (6:47)

Caress Of Steel

Bastille Day (4:37)
I Think I'm Going Bald (3:37)
Lakeside Park (4:08)
The Necromancer (12:30)
The Fountain of Lamneth (19:59)


Geddy Lee - Vocals & Bass
Alex Lifeson - Guitars & Vocals
Neil Peart - Drums & Percussion

Additional Musicians:
John Rutsey - Drums (on RUSH)

Produced by RUSH and Terry Brown
Graphics by Hugh Syme
Liner Photography by Gerad Gentil
Album design by Hugh Syme and Bob King

Mercury, April 1978
1978 Mercury Records 1978 Anthem Entertainment


In Their Own Words

"Caress of Steel was a big experiment for us and we were very much in love with it when we finished up. But again, the forces that be, the people who promote our music, didn't believe in that album. They sold it short and I think the inclusion of that album in Archives is the strongest reason for this collection to be released. We want to give Caress another chance...Archives is nothing but the music. There are no Rush army stickers; you're not joining anything. It's just a chance for more people to hear what Rush was doing in the days before 2112 and A Farewell To Kings but who can't afford three individual records." - Geddy Lee, Circus, May 1978
"Well, that's basically a sore point with the marketing aspect of the management. They had the name of the package in mind as Archives, and I had every intention of making a look as much a part of the archives as possible-as opposed to being a rock 'n' roll cover. It's almost a library piece. It's changed a little bit: it was sort of repackaged again two years ago. For all the cover being very sedate-albeit a little boring and uneventful-it involved a special cover treatment which was actually more expensive than most covers." - Hugh Syme, Creem, 1983