Rush Covers

"Millions of record sales notwithstanding, Rush's songwriters have rarely earned income from other artists' covers of their famous songs. The complexity of the arrangements built into Rush's work - sudden time, tempo and key changes - are beyond the grasp of less ambitious or practised musicians, and the soaring melodies and vivid narratives are forsaken...'I understand why no one covers our songs,' Lee said. 'They sound daunting. But...most of the songs can be stripped back to their simplest form, and find a new life. When we tried to write songs that are simple and uncomplicated, it didn't work. One of our producers used to tell us, "You'd have a lot of hits if only someone else recorded them."'" Toronto Star, March 28, 2010

Cover Albums

Prog Rock TributeWorking Man
Magna Carta Records, August 2, 1996
Progressive Rock, 72:27 minutes

Mixed by long time Rush producer Terry Brown, this hard/progressive rock album includes performances by Sebastian Bach (Skid Row); from Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy and James LaBrie; Billy Sheehan (Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big); Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple, Kansas); Jack Russell (Great White); Jake E Lee (Ozzy Osborne); James Murphy (Obituary, solo); Matt Guillory (James Murphy); David Townson (solo); Robert Berry (solo); Mark Slaughter (Slaughter); George Lynch (Dokken); Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Journey); Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani & Steve Vai); Devin Townsend (Steve Vai); Richard Chycki (Jeff Healey); Jeff Brockman (Cairo); from Symphony X, Michael Romeo and Mike Pinnella; from Cynic, Sean Malone and Sean Reinert; from Lemur Voice, Gregoor van der Loon and Marcel Coenen; and the bands Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery and Magellan.
Tracklist: Working Man, By-Tor And The Snow Dog, Analog Kid, The Trees, La Villa Strangiato, Mission, Anthem, Jacob's Ladder, Closer To The Heart, Natural Science, YYZ, Red Barchetta, Freewill
"We had concerns that this wasn't really going to be a tribute but rather an exploitation of our fans. That was our concern. There was never any question of the musicians involved. We didn't really know who was involved. For some reason, that concern over our fans exploitation has been blown way out of proportion. Even to the fact that there was some quote from our office that was totally erroneous about tribute albums. It was basically out of control. So I'd just like to clarify that to our fans, because I know there's a lot of weird opinions floating around about what our attitude on this thing was. Our attitude was very low key. We never had any intention of trying to stop this record. We never had any intention of suing anybody. Those things were all attributable to either overzealous representatives of our band or overzealous gossip. You know what I mean?" - Geddy Lee, A Show Of Fans #15, Fall 1996

Death Metal TributeRed Star
Dwell Records, September 14, 1999
Death Metal

Tracklist (Band): Anthem (Engrave Speed Death), Working Man (Killingfield), Bastille Day (Shallows Of The Mundane), Subdivisions (Hostile Intent), What You're Doing (Hate Theory), Tears (Capital 2), A Passage To Bangkok (Scary German Guy), Tom Sawyer (Disarray), The Temples Of Syrinx (Blood Coven), Freewill (Mythiasin), Red Barchetta (Prototype), The Spirit Of Radio (Premonition)

String TributeExit Stage Right - The String Quartet Tribute to Rush
CMH Records/Vitamin Records, July 2, 2002

Reproducing the entire Exit Stage Left album with the exception of "La Villa Strangiato" from a classical chamber quartet approach, the album was arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Todd Mark Rubenstein, who also co-handles the album's cello and bass duties. Tracklist:" The Spirit Of Radio, Red Barchetta, YYZ, A Passage To Bangkok, Closer To The Heart, Beneath, Between & Behind, Jacob's Ladder, Broon's Bane, The Trees, Xanadu, Freewill, Tom Sawyer
"...Neil Peart, Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson for a lifetime of musical genius and the gift of great songs with brilliant performances that will be an inspiration to musicians of all genres for generations to come", and dedicates the album to his 10 year old niece who is following in her uncles' musical footsteps with the words "May this recording be an inspiration to your continuing pursuit of music through your already brilliant ability to play the violin and may it be an inspiration to others as 'Rush' has been to me." - Todd Rubenstein, Exit Stage Right

Baroque TributeChamber Made: Baroque Tribute to Rush
Vitamin Records, October 5, 2004

Tracklist: Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Fly By Night, Witch Hunt, The Trees, Madrigal, Force Ten, Distant Early Warning, Closer To The Heart, Flickering (original)
"Rush's music is a mixture of hard rock and melodic rhythms and is bound together by themes of science fiction and fantasy. It is only fitting that Rush's grand, opus-like concept pieces be recreated in the baroque fashion. The Baroque Tribute to Rush revives the strength and unity that was produced in some of the Bands best work such as 'Madrigal' and 'Time Stands Still'. The enigmatic atmosphere of this album will haunt listeners in the true Rush fashion."

String TributeThe String Quartet Tribute To Rush's 2112
CMH Records/Vitamin Records, March 8, 2005

Tracklist: 2112 Overture, The Temples Of Syrinx, Discovery, Presentation, Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, Grand Finale, A Passage To Bangkok, The Twilight Zone, Lessons, Tears, Something For Nothing
"The String Quartet Tribute To Rush's 2112 is a scenic trek through unchartered musical territory. The viola, violin and cello unearth a melancholy and ethereally delicate aspect of Rush's creation, infusing it with an unearthly classical mien. The adventure of listening to The String Quartet Tribute To Rush's 2112 will leave you breathless with admiration."

Heavy Metal TributeSubdivisions
Magna Carta Records, March 15, 2005
Heavy Metal

A heavy metal tribute with pre mix editing by early Rush producer Terry Brown and artwork by long time Rush artist Hugh Syme, the album features Vinnie Moore (solo artist, UFO) on guitars, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani & Steve Vai) on bass and Mike Mangini (Extreme & Steve Vai) on drums, plus additional vocals and performances by Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Robert Berry ("3", Ambrosia), Dave Brooks (Slammin' Gladys), Dominic Cifarelli (Pulse Ultra), Jeff Feldman (Pulse Ultra), Daniel J. (Solo Artist, Jordan Rudess), Randy Jackson (Zebra), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Jani Lane (Warrant), Alex Skolnick (Solo Artist, Testament, Tran Siberian Orchestra, Attention Deficit), Jeff Stinco (Simple Plan) and Kip Winger (Winger).
Tracklist: Distant Early Warning, Lakeside Park, Limelight, Subdivisions, Different Strings, Tom Sawyer, Bastille Day, A Farewell To Kings, The Spirit Of Radio, Didacts and Narpets, 2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx

Piano TributeThe Piano Tribute To Rush
Vitamin Records, January 10, 2006

Tracklist: Limelight, New World Man, Closer to the Heart, Subdivisions, Red Barchetta, Freewill, Fly by Night, The Spirit of Radio, The Trees, Tom Sawyer, The Big Money, Syrinxian Moonlight (original)
"Pulsing through the drum beats and guitar riffs of Rush's songs are undeniable melodies. These hooks are brought to the surface on The Piano Tribute to Rush. The elemental soul of such hits as 'The Spirit of Radio' and 'Tom Sawyer' is extracted from their complex arrangements with simple piano. A must-have release for any Rush fan, this album promises to appeal to anyone with an appreciation for great songs and incredible musicianship."

Cygnus And The Sea MonstersCygnus And The Sea Monsters - One Night In Chicago
August 25, 2006

Available on both CD and DVD (with audio commentary by Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert), featuring the one time Rush tribute set performed by "Cygnus & The Sea Monsters: A Tribute to Rush - featuring Mike Portnoy with Paul Gilbert, Sean Malone and Jason McMaster". Recorded at the Vic Theater in Chicago on September 18th, 2005, for Chicago's "The Drum Pad" anniversary. Portnoy used his near-replica of Peart's classic candy apple red kit; recreated by TAMA using their top of the line Starclassic drums, the double bass featured Portnoy's logo, merged with Rush's starman.
Tracklist: 2112, Cygnus X-1, Hemispheres, YYZ/Drum Solo

Classical CompilationThe Classical Tribute To Rush: Through The Prism
Compilation album of previous Vitamin Records releases of Classical Rush covers, April 3, 2007

Tracklist: 2112 Overture, Xanadu, Closer To The Heart, Red Barchetta, The Spirit Of Radio, Witch Hunt, Subdivisions, 2112 Presentation, Freewill, Distant Early Warning, The Trees, 2112 Soliloquy, 2112 Grand Finale, Jacob's Ladder
"Since Exit Stage Right: The String Quartet Tribute to Rush, Vitamin Records has raised the stakes for paying tribute to Canada's favorite sons. The first album was a smash amongst fans and was soon followed by the ambitious tribute to Rush's magnum opus, 2112. More hit tributes were to come and with each record Vitamin surprised the fans with their dedication to the craftsmanship of the godfathers of modern, progressive music. With this collection, Vitamin has highlighted 14 of the best tracks from these tributes. It is an essential collection for any Rush fan and any fan of Vitamin Records' captivating tributes."

Run For CoverRun For Cover, A Tribute To Rush
Eclipse Records, May 1, 2007

Tracklist: Distant Early Warning, Tom Sawyer, New World Man, Freewill, Subdivisions, Limelight, Jacob's Ladder, Red Barchetta, Xanadu, The Trees, Natural Science
"Run For Cover is the nation's premeire Rush Tribute band, and from one listen to this CD, it's no wonder why. You'll be amazed at the technical precision with which the band recreates hit after hit, and pays homage to the gods of progressive rock. This CD is a 'must-have' addition to any Rush fan's collection!"

LushLush: A Tribute To Rush's Debut...And John Rutsey
Main Man Records, September 18, 2007

Tracklist (Band): Finding My Way (3 Legged Rabbit), Need Some Love (Rutsey), Take A Friend (Snagglepuss), Here Again (Joe Harvard Stuporgroup), What You're Doing (Ed Mundell), In The Mood (Four Year Beard), Before And After (Frankenstein 3000), Working Man (Murder 1), Not Fade Away (A Farewell To Bling), Can't Fight It (Worro Pilkinson)
"A loving recreation of Rush's first album... back when John Rutsey was the drummer and they had greasy hair. Features 2 bonus tracks... the songs from Rush's first single!"

New World ManNew World Man: A Tribute to Rush
Magna Carta Records, May 18, 2010

Tracklist (performer): New World Man (Robert Berry), The Trees (Mike Baker), Fly By Night (Sal Marrano), Mission (Eric Martin), Tom Sawyer (I, Omega), Jacob's Ladder (Sebastian Bach), Limelight (Kip Winger), Force Ten (Robert Berry), Subdivisions (Randy Jackson), Tom Sawyer (Alex Skolnik Trio)
"Combining newly recorded tracks from members of Coheed And Cambria, The Dillinger Escape Plan (Chris Pennie), KORN (Shane Gibson) and The Mars Volta (Juan Alderete) on the tracks "New World Man", "Fly By Night" and "Force Ten", with up-and-coming buzz band I, OMEGA who contributed their version of 'Tom Sawyer'; Alex Skolnick Trio's jazz interpretation of 'Tom Sawyer' [from Last Day In Paradise] gives a new feeling to the song that could never have been imagined previously. Other selections included from Magna Carta's Working Man and Subdivisions tribute albums feature performances by Robert Berry, Dave Martone, Sebastian Bach, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy and Billy Sheehan."

Lullaby Versions of RushLullaby Versions of Rush
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star; Roma Music Group, May 10, 2011

Tracklist: The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Closer To The Heart, Freewill, Limelight, Working Man, Fly By Night, The Trees, Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, YYZ

Sonic Elements Featuring Neil Peart DrumsXYZ: A Tribute To Rush
Sonic Elements Featuring Neil Peart Drums, April 21, 2012

Tracklist: Tom Sawyer (Vocals, Guitar - John Wesley (Porcupine Tree); Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Billy Sherwood); Red Barchetta (Vocals, Guitar - Rik Emmett (Triumph); Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Matt Dorsey); YYZ (Guitar, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Guitar - Alastair Greene; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner); Limelight (Vocals - Randy McStine; Guitars - John Wesley; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner; Bass - Billy Sherwood); Trifecta (Bonus Track) (Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner); Times Gone (Pre-Order Only Bonus Track) (Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood; Keyboards - Dave Kerzner)
"The first music release from the Sonic Reality progressive rock project known as 'Sonic Elements', XYZ - A Tribute To Rush is what you might call a 'fantasy band' tribute in that it features drum tracks performed by Neil Peart, the legendary drummer and lyricist of Rush, which come from Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums sample sessions along with new performances from modern and classic rock artists such as Rik Emmett (Triumph), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa), Alastair Greene (Alan Parsons Live Project), Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance), Matt Dorsey (Simon Collins) and Sonic Reality's founder Dave Kerzner (Kevin Gilbert, Simon Collins)."

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of RushThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush
Cleopatra Records, November 13, 2012

Tracklist: 2112 Overture, The Spirit Of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, Fly By Night, Closer To The Heart, Limelight, Working Man
"From the world-famous orchestra that brought you symphonic interpretations of Queen, Pink Floyd and ABBA comes a brand new set of studio recordings celebrating the music of Canadian Prog Rock legends, Rush! Includes dramatic reinterpretations of the Rush classics Tom Sawyer, The Spirit Of Radio, Red Barchetta, Limelight and more! Conducted by BAFTA award winning musician and composer Richard Harvey!"
Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with: Clem Clempson, James Graydon, & James Nisbet - Guitars, Laurence Cottle - Bass Guitar, Ralph Salmins - Drums, Richard Cottle - Synths & Programming, The Windrush Choir (solos on "Subdivisions'.' by Niki Moloney & Shaun Chambers). Guitar legend guests: Steve Rothery (of Marillion) on "Working Man", Adrian Smith (of Iron Maiden) on "Red Barchetta".

Rockabye BabyRockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Rush (cd/itunes)
Rockabye Baby Music, January 29, 2013

Tracklist: 2112: Overture, Limelight, Fly by Night, The Spirit of Radio, Freewill, Tom Sawyer, Working Man, A Farewell To Kings, Trees, Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, Closer To The Heart
"Do you have a modern day warrior putting up a fight at bedtime? Looking for a reliable way to put baby to sleep and not some fly by night sandman? Try Rockabye Baby's tender lullaby versions of Rush's hard rock hits. This magic music will bring your baby closer to the heart of slumberland."

Music Box TributeMusic Box Tribute to Rush
Music Box Mania, October 28, 2014

Tracklist: The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Closer To The Heart, Limelight, Working Man, YYZ

Cover Songs

"Tom Sawyer", performed by The United States Airforce Rock Group on Mach 1, 1983

"Fly By Night", performed by the Sun City Girls on Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema, 1986

The Sun City Girls are an underground/indie trio originally from Sun City, Arizona, comprised of three guys (not girls: the guitar and bass player are brothers). The vocal on this one is...hard to describe...which I believe would be taken as a compliment.

"Müsteeriumid" (Estonian for "Mysteries"), performed by Hetero on their 1988 demo tape

Recorded before the fall of the Soviet Union, this Estonian rock band's demo tape includes a song with original lyrics (sung in Estonian) set to the music of "Vital Signs".

"Red Barchetta", performed by progressive metal band Thought Industry on their "Signing Demo", 1989

A then unsigned progressive metal band from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Thought Industry produced this cassette demo containing four original songs plus "Red Barchetta" in 1989 before going on to release six albums from 1992 through 2001.

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by grunge band Solomon Grundy, a spin off of the band Screaming Trees, as a 7" single, 1991

During the fadeout, the guitarist also plays the opening notes of "Freewill". The back cover art gives "Thanks to Rush".

"What You're Doing", performed by Skid Row on B-Sides Ourselves, 1992

Vocalist Sebastian Bach would later perform on the Working Man and Subdivisions tribute albums.

"Today's Tom Sawyer" performed by psychobilly band The New Duncan Imperials (as in the yo-yo's!), on Loserville, March 2, 1993

You know those 70's recordings by William Shatner where he performed 60's songs in the beatnik style (i.e. "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds", etc.)? Ok, now imagine William Shatner on mescaline!

"I Think I'm Going Bald", performed by Ed Hall on the compilation album Cinco Años, Five Years Trance Syndicate Records, August 25, 1995

Not a bad version by this Butthole Surfers influenced band; they sound like three or four guys having fun singing at a bar.

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by Paul Brooks on Classic Rock: Symphonic Arrangements of 19 Monster Rock Anthems, 1995

Possibly best described as "Andrew Lloyd Weber" or "Musak", this cover tune is found on a UK K-tel compilation (ECD3241) along with symphonic covers of other classic radio hits from the 70's and 80's, ranging in scope from Led Zeppelin and Queen to Bon Jovi and the Eagles.

"Subdivisions", performed by the Groove Daddys on Sunburn, 1995

A fabulous cover, the Groove Daddys not only succeed in rearranging "Subdivisions" with an alternative sound, they end it with the closing notes to "Xanadu"!
"We recorded that song in '95 and at the time there was alot of talk about Punk Rock (there still is ...) ....about it 'finally going mainstream' blah, blah, blah.... We thought that 'Subdivisions' was the ultimate 'Punk Rock' song lyrically - about kids being bored in the suburbs and the general malaise and angst that go along with that. We felt that most people at the time would miss the point because of the '80's production of the original, so we thought we'd give it our own 'punk-rock'-type treatment. It was really done quite tongue in-cheek...we were actually really more of a prog-alterna kinda band...quite Rush influenced (odd times signatures, complicated ensemble playing etc.) now that I look back on it....that's more obvious when you listen to the rest of Sunburn though." - Rob Szabo of the Groove Daddys, via email August 2, 2002

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by alternative rock band Catherine Wheel, hidden track on Like Cats And Dogs, September 10, 1996

Singer/guitarist Rob Dickinson is the paternal cousin of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson.
"There was that British band, Catherine Wheel, who did 'Spirit Of Radio', and they did a really good version, and I heard an interview with the guy going: 'the parts we left out were the ones we can't play...' [laughs]" - Neil Peart, Classic Rock, October 2004

"Anthem", performed by Yngwie Malmsteen on Inspiration, November 5, 1996

"Witch Hunt", performed by death metal band Paradigma on Skadi, 1996

The haunting, female witchy/ritual-esque vocals make this version really interesting. There are a few typical death metal growling man's voice in the "beat and burn and kill" lyrics, which work well in this version.

Fanclub CD "Tears" live, performed by Dream Theater, recorded January 31, 1995, from the International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996

Dream Theater's first rehearsal as a band included jams of their favorite Rush songs; although "Tears" is the only Rush cover included on an official Dream Theater release, they frequently include Rush covers in their live show and some of the members performed on the 1996 Rush tribute album, Working Man. For Rush references in additional Dream Theater releases, see "The Dance Of Eternity" (1999), "Trial Of Tears" (live, 2008) and "A Nightmare To Remember" (2009).

Drummer Mike Portnoy, whose high school yearbook states his dream was "to be the next Neil Peart", wrote the liner notes for the Japanese release of Vapor Trails, included Rush in his "History of Prog Rock" found in the Live at Budokan DVD, and performed a Rush tribute show as part of "Cygnus And The Sea Monsters".

Guitarist John Petrucci stated "one of my biggest influences, as a band and the guitar player from that band, is Rush. If I had to name my favorite band, it would be them" - Guitar World subscriber CD-Rom, January 2007. Petrucci also stated on their Images and Words Live in Tokyo / 5 Years in a Live Time two DVD set that his volume swell effects are inspired by Rush and sites "Xanadu" as an example, and also sings a song about medleys and how hates when Rush does them.

"Closer to the Heart", performed by Canadian lounge band Jaymz Bee and The Royal Jelly Orchestra from Cocktail: Shakin' and Stirred, June 17, 1997

Break out your polyester leisure suit and head to the piano bar for this fun lounge singer version.

"Tom Sawyer", performed by Swedish progressive band Death Organ on Universal Stripsearch, 1997

The heavy use of keyboards in this version are reminiscent of Deep Purple.

"Working Man" performed by punk band Anger on Juvenile Anthems, 1997

This one sounds straight out of '77, not '97; if you are a fan of original punk, you'll love this version.

"Driven", performed by Mr. Hyde on Demo Version 1.0, 1997

An unsigned Ohio band who released their second self-produced CD in July, 2001. Trying to sound like Rush, this version of "Driven" is from an out of print CDr produced by the band that contained one original song plus four covers.

"Working Man", performed by alternative rock band Liquid Gang on Fantastic Pirate Satellite, February 2, 1998

This melancholic-alternative rock version is a nice reworking of the original.

"2112 Overture", performed by Paul Roarback on The Mother of all Tribute Albums, March 17, 1998

The closing notes of this song are from Pink Floyd's "Is There Anybody Out There?". Roarback was the drummer for Christian grunge band Grammatrain.

"The Spirit Of Radio", performed by violinist Rachel Barton (with accompanying second violin and cello) on Stringendo: Storming The Citadel, 1998

Performed by a string trio, this cover is amazing and unique. Other tracks on the album include covers of AC/DC, U2, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and more.
"...the structures of tunes like 'The Spirit of Radio' and [Metallica's] 'One' are quite sophisticated, much more so than in a typical pop tune." - Rachel Barton

"Tom Sawyer", performed by German heavy metal band Rage on Thirteen (Japanese edition), April 2, 1998

"2112 Overture"/"Temples of Syrinx", performed by Italian progressive trio Shoggoth on Combination, 1998

"Battle Scar" (live), performed by Talas on If We Only Knew Then What We Know Now..., September 8, 1998

A cover of the Max Webster/Rush collaboration (found in the Guest Appearances section of this site). From Talas' 1998 reunion concert, this recording includes a two minute bass solo intro by Billy Sheehan. Talas was Sheehan's first band, which broke up in 1985 when he left to join David Lee Roth's solo band. Following two albums with Roth, Sheehan left to form Mr. Big, who toured with Rush during the Presto tour. In his instructional video, Billy Sheehan-Bass Secrets, 1992, Billy personally thanks the members of Rush after the end credits.

"Xanadu", performed by Silver Sun on the "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" 7" single, September 14, 1998

Without the lush introduction of the original, this power pop version is a fantastic rearrangement which kicks right in from the opening note and steamrolls to the end.

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by dance-pop band Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers on Rock the Party, December 15, 1998

Trying to sound like Rush, for a K-tel-esque cover album.

"Jacob's Ladder", performed by progressive band Hermetic Science on Prophesies, 1999

A very unique cover; the lead instruments on this track are percussion (vibes & marimba).

"La Villa Strangiato", performed by Greg Howe on Ascend, May 4, 1999

Order from Spur of the Moment"The Spirit of Radio", performed by Spur of the Moment (Brandeis University pop a capella group) on Two Flights Up, 1999

A capella must be tough enough for average songs, but RUSH!? A few of the lyrics are incorrect, but this song is very well scripted; every note recreated a capella - even the percussion!

"Headrush", performed by The Gomers on Sofa King Good, 1999

Perfectly described in the album's linernotes: "What if Talking Heads did Rush's Tom Sawyer?"

"Oracle: The Dream", performed by metal band Thrones on the compilation album Jackson's Jukebox, 1999

Formed by ex-Melvins (who opened for Rush in 1994) bassist Joe Preston, reviews of other Thrones material describe them as "Metal meets Pink Floyd" for their use of effects.

"Tom Saywer", performed by French heavy-metal band Fifty One's on Jealousy, 2000

A cover of the DJ Z-Trip remix from the Small Soldiers soundtrack; Rush is thanked in the albums' credits.

"La Villa Strangiato", performed by Brazilian guitarist Wagner Anarca on '93 Live In Brazil: A Tribute To Vinnie Moore And Rush, 2000

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by Rosetta Stone on Unerotica, August 15, 2000

The vocals in this version are very similar to latter day David Bowie.

"The Sphere: A Kind of Dream", performed by Sound Transmission on First Construction, 2000

Similar in composition to the original, this cover includes a complimentary extended instrumental second half.

"Distant Early Warning" performed by German progressive rock band Poverty's No Crime on One In A Million, 2001

This cover is very similar to the original, in fact the opening synthesizer may even be a sample of the Rush original.

"Working Man", performed by Firebird, included as bonus track on the Japanese release of Deluxe, August 22, 2001

"Working Man" was also available for download on their official website,

"Anthem", performed by George Lynch on Will Play For Food, August 28, 2001

Guitar shredder George Lynch previously performed this same track on the Working Man tribute album.

"Red Sector A", performed by Hubi Meisel on Cut, January 2002

"Tom Sawyer" (live), performed by Deadsy on Family Values Tour 2001, May 7, 2002

"Tom Sawyer", performed by Deadsy on Commencement, May 14, 2002

"In The Mood", performed by Sloan on the soundtrack to the Canadian film Fubar, May 21, 2002

When asked who they prefer among all Canadian bands, Bryan Adams or Neil Young, Sloan guitarist and vocalist Patrick Pentland answered "Oh, Neil Young. Has anyone ever said Bryan Adams? Now if you had said Rush or Neil Young... That would have been harder." -

"Tom Sawyer", performed by the String Cheese Incident live at Red Rocks, on July 6 2002, Morrison Co: On the Road

Reminiscent to live Grateful Dead or Phish, this band can be forgiven for the minor lyrical errors in this live performance. "Tom Sawyer" is also found on other live releases from The String Cheese Incident On the Road Series. From Boulder, Colorado, "SCI" describe themselves as a "sacrilegious mix of bluegrass, calypso, salsa, afro pop, funk, rock, and jazz." -

"Tom Saw Ya" (parody of "Tom Sawyer"), by ApologetiX on Grace Period, August 2002

ApologetiX is a Christian rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who record song parodies with a Christian twist (think Weird Al meets Jerry Falwell) including two RUSH parodies: "Tom Saw Ya", parodying "Tom Sawyer", was released on Grace Period, 2002, while "Timeline", a parody of "Limelight", is on Wise Up And Rock, 2011.

"Tom Sawyer" (acoustic), performed by Brazil's Emmerson Nogueira on Versćo Acśstica Vol. 2 (CD/iTunes), October 21, 2002

This is a beautiful cover performed on acoustic guitars, with a female vocal lead and male accompaniment, and sparse percussion. The keyboard solo now sounds like flamenco guitar! Other tracks on the album include covers of Supertramp, The Beatles, The Police, etc.

"Working Man", performed by the Suplecs on the "stoner rock" covers compilation Sucking The 70's, October 22, 2002

"YYZ", performed by Umphrey's McGee on Live At Fox Theatre (cd/iTunes), recorded March 29, 2003

This jam band concludes "YYZ" with the final notes of "The Spirit Of Radio".

"Afterimage", performed by Violet Island on One Or Nothing, July 17, 2003

This etheral cover is reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan.

"Closer To The Heart", performed by 12 Harmonic Chaos on the Cover Art EP, August 2003

"Tom Sawyer", performed by punk band Mindless Self Indulgence on You'll Rebel to Anything (cd/iTunes), April 12, 2005

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by Rekha on Milky Ocean, October 15, 2005

"Limelight", performed by Spearfish on Area 605, May 3, 2005

Although they hail from Sweden, Spearfish is a city in South Dakota, USA, which has the telephone area code 605...

"YYZ", performed by Martin Motnik on Bass Invader (CD/iTunes) November 25, 2005

With Gregg Bissonette on drums and Mattias Ia Eklundh on guitar, Motnik plays a five stringed bass, as seen in this video.

"Bravado" and "At The End", performed by Clator Butler on Here B-Side Myself, December 6, 2005

One Rush and one Victor (Alex Lifeson's solo album) cover are included on this album.

"Tom Sawyer", performed by the Sundogs on Floydian Slip, 2006

Track one, "Tom Sawyer," was apparently dropped from later pressings of this EP.

"The Trees", performed by Richard Cheese on Silent Nightclub (CD/iTunes) September 26, 2006

"America's loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese performs swingin' Vegas versions of rock songs. Imagine Frank Sinatra crooning a Rush tune, and you've got Dick." -

Guitar Hero 2 "YYZ", a cover performed in the video game Guitar Hero 2, November 7th, 2006

"The Spirit Of Radio", performed by the Vancouver Bach Children's Chorus from the film White Noise 2: The Light, January 5, 2007

Midway through this film about a man who sees a light emanating from those about to die, Katee Sackhoff's character tells how her deceased husband was an elementary school music teacher who organized a recital each year and "had the kids singing Bowie, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Beach Boys, a little Janes Addiction, you name it." A later scene takes place at one of those recitals where the elementary school choir is singing "The Spirit of Radio".

"Subdivisions", performed by Anita Athavale on In The Noise, January 11, 2007

"Making the album, I was in a place where I was about to put music down: try something else, be normal, make some money, buy a house, whatever else I was supposed to do. That song made me think about choosing that other life." - Anita Athavale

"Tom Sawyer", performed by Derek Fairbridge on Eleven-Legged Race, January 2007

"An album that answers the musical question: What would it sound like if Joni Mitchell, Jim O'Rourke and Led Zeppelin held a potluck dinner party at Burt Bacharach's house and drank a little too much wine?" -

"Garden Road", performed by Mos Generator on Sucking the 70s: Back in the Saddle Again, February 27, 2007

"Garden Road" is an unreleased Rush original last performed live in 1974. "... original songs written before I joined the band... Well, why do you think we never recorded them?" - Neil Peart, Rush Backstage Club Newsletter, 1988

"Tom Sawyer", performed by The Alex Skolnick Trio on Last Day In Paradise (cd/itunes), March 15, 2007

The Alex Skolnick Trio is known for its inventive jazz take on hard rock and heavy metal standards. Alex Skolnick also performed on the Subdivisions tribute album.

"Tom Sawyer", performed by instrumental jazz band The Bad Plus on Prog (cd/iTunes), May 8, 2007

"Finding My Way", performed by the Michael Schenker Group on Doctor, Doctor: The Kulick Sessions, February 8, 2008

Sebastian Bach lends his vocal talents to this track from Michael Schenker's covers album. This is Bach's fourth Rush cover on record: previously he has performed Rush covers both as a member of Skid Row as well as on the Working Man and Subdivisions tribute albums.

"Working Man/Petty Staycheck" by hardcore band Six & Violence on Bastards Of The Universe: The 20 Year Anthology (CD/iTunes), October 25, 2007

A shorter version of this medley was previously released on the complilation album, The 3-Way-Dance in 1998.
"As for the Rush 'Working Man' intro, we are always jamming on bits of Rush, Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Zeppelin, or whatever, and that was always such a heavy riff, and really the lyrics are similar in scope to Petty Staycheck, so it just fit. Some people might think that doing a song that old might not be cool, but some of that stuff, particularly Rush, is so freakin' timeless, I don't care about any rules of hardcore or whatever-this is the stuff we grew up on. I guarantee you that right now some band of 18 year olds is jamming to Sabbath in a rehearsal room, I mean that shit can't be topped! They sure as fuck won't be jamming on Korn riffs 25 years from now!" - Six & Violence vocalist Kurt Stenzel

"Point Of Know Return"/"Spirit Of Radio" (medley), performed by Candlewyck on Live At The Palmetto Theater (CD/iTunes), November 6, 2007

A medley of two prog classics, performed live by a bluegrass band!

Rock Band "Tom Sawyer" & "Limelight", performed in the video game Rock Band, November 20th, 2007

"Tom Sawyer" is included in the game disk itself, while "Limelight" and "Working Man" are available as a subsequent downloads. In addition, the original version of "Closer To The Heart", and the "Working Man" Vault Edition were also made available for download. More importantly, the "Working Man" Vault Edition was released at the iTunes store on July 22, 2008.
"With a lot of the rock guitar games that are available now...a whole new audience is coming around to knowing who we are. We're seeing a lot of young kids that have learned about Rush that way. So its very interesting to us to see all of these 11 - 14 year old budding guitar players coming to our shows." - Alex Lifeson, KZRR Albuquerque phone interview, April 8th, 2008

"Subdivisions", performed by solo musician Jacob Moon on The Loop, November 29, 2007

Don't miss Jacob's live roof top performance.
"Yes, Rush! I do a cover of 'Subdivisions', their seminal classic of suburban fear and loathing. While it is a beautiful lyric, the intricate music presented quite a challenge to this solo performer, who found himself tripping over the many foot-pedal cues, and meter changes. It was a relief to finally nail it on the last night." - Jacob Moon

"Available Light", performed by progressive jazz group Wave Mechanics Union on Second Season, October 1, 2008

With a full-scale jazz band pand vocalist Lydia McAdams, the group has recorded striking new arrangements of songs from progressive rock giants Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Queen, King Crimson, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Police, and more. The brainchild of composers Ryan Fraley and Ralph Johnson, along with vocalist McAdams, the project seeks to honor the sometimes complicated sounds of progressive rock with jazz treatments.

"Closer To The Heart", performed by country singer Bo Bice on the Time Life compilation Gone Country: 70s Rock, December 2008

Bo Bice was a runner-up in the fourth season of American Idol. This compilation album includes other countryfied classic rock songs by Vince Gill, Lorrie Morgan, Tanya Tucker, and more.

"Limelight", performed by Paul Rudd and Jason Segel on the I Love You Man soundtrack, March 17, 2009

Besides being full of Rush sightings, this film includes a scene where Jason Segel and Paul Rudd perform "Limelight". This performance is included on the soundtrack, along with the original Rush versions of both "Limelight" and "Tom Sawyer". For more information regarding this project, click here.

"Losing It", performed by the Maurizio Rolli Big Band on Rolli's Tones (cd/iTunes), August 4, 2009

"Subdivisions", performed by Susanna And The Magical Orchestra on 3, September 1, 2009

"Anthem", performed by thrash metal band Sacrifice, included as bonus track on the Canadian release of The Ones I Condemn, November 2009

"The Spirit Of Radio", performed by ukulele band Lucky Uke on their self titled debut album (cd, itunes), June 8, 2010

The full song can be heard at

"The Spirit Of Radio", performed by Selina Martin on Disaster Fantasies, June 29, 2010

"I was never a huge Rush fan, but when I was a preteen growing up in Kanata [a suburb of Ottawa], I remember having some kind of epiphany while they were playing that song at the roller disco, with the lights flashing and the music really loud. And later, I'd be in these campfire sing-along situations, and someone would say, 'Selina, why don't you sing something?' I just hated that, and it was always uncomfortable, so the way to kill the campfire sing-along was to do 'The Spirit of Radio', because nobody could play along!" - Selina Martin, The Globe And Mail, November 30, 2010
"Chris Stringer, who produced my album, is also a huge Rush fan and a friend of Alex Lifeson's, so I figured if Stringer didn't think it was lame for me to do that acoustic version of the song as a Rush fan, and if Bidini, a pal of Geddy, really wanted me to do that song, then I was just going to figure out a way to do it, and do it. And so I did and I sort of fell in love with it again, I guess." - Selina Martin,, May 1, 2012

"Time Stand Still", performed by Nelly Furtado on the soundtrack to the Canadian film Score: A Hockey Musical, October 26, 2010

"She was part of a Canadian film called Score: A Hockey Musical. We got a call that she wanted to sing that song. It's really sweet of her to do that. I don't know how she came about choosing that song, but she obviously responded to it." - Geddy Lee,, November 10, 2010

"Tom Sawyer", performed by Lost Fingers on Gypsy Kameleon, November 16, 2010

Upon close scrutiny of this cover, one will find that all of the intricate parts from Rush's original are meticulously reproduced, albeit in a "gypsy jazz" vein. The Lost Fingers is a Canadian gypsy jazz music group based in Quebec City. Known for their covers of 80's classics, the group was nominated for two Juno Awards in the categories of Fan Choice Award and Album of the Year based on the success of their debut release, Lost In The 80's.

"Subdivisions", performed by Artok on Above Ground, December 28, 2010

"2112 Overture"/"Temples of Syrinx", performed by metal band Benedictum on Dominion (special edition bonus track), March 8, 2011

"I'm a huge Rush fan, I love 'em. I just don't talk about it much because everybody wants to talk to me about the Dio stuff. Rush has always resonated with me, but I knew so many people that didn't like them back in the day because they didn't sound evil enough (laughs), so I became a closet Rush fan. I had always wanted to sing 'Temples'. I remember back in the times before CDs, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had my wannabe souped-up Firebird blasting Rush on the cassette deck. The stereo was worth more than the car (laughs). I had the windows rolled up so nobody else could hear while I tried to hit those notes (laughs)." - Veronica Freeman, vocalist of Benedictum,, March 28, 2011

"Witch Hunt", performed by metal band Machine Head on Unto The Locust (special edition bonus track), September 27, 2011

In April 2011 Machine Head posted "The Making Of The New Album" to Youtube with drummer Dave McClain wearing a Permanent Waves t-shirt, as well as a tour of their "Jam Room" where 2112 is among a collection of posters of "all of our favorite bands, the bands that meant something, and helped create what we became".

"Bravado", performed by Gregorian on Masters Of Chant Chapter VIII, September 30, 2011

Gregorian is a German band headed by Frank Peterson that performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs.

"Timeline" (parody of "Limelight"), by ApologetiX on Wise Up And Rock, October 29, 2011

ApologetiX is a Christian rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who record song parodies with a Christian twist (think Weird Al meets Jerry Falwell) including two RUSH parodies: "Tom Saw Ya", parodying "Tom Sawyer", was released on Grace Period, 2002, while "Timeline", a parody of "Limelight", is on Wise Up And Rock, 2011.

"Mystic Rhythms", performed by Creosote on Area Man, March 27, 2012

"Originally from Toronto's suburban sprawl, Smith has been in Regina most of his life. After losing his father at 12, his mother encouraged his interest in music by getting him his first drum set. Being a huge Rush fan early on contributed to his dedication to learning how to play...Pulling in his Canadian rock roots, Smith decided to cover a Rush song mostly because nobody else is ambitious enough to try. 'I picked a song that was in their late 80s keyboard funk, which was panned by fans. The songs are still there.' Rush?s original 'Mystic Rhythms' is a mid-tempo synthesizer and keyboard-driven song. Smith turned in into the guitar-driven rock song he thought it should have been. He got to gush to Rush's Alex Lifeson about breathing life into the song while recording Jason Plumb and the Willing's new album All Is More Than Both." -

"Red Sector A", performed by Steel Assassin on WWII: Metal Of Honor, May 15, 2012

"I actually made a demo of the song about five years ago basically for my own purposes. I've always loved the way Geddy (Lee) sings that song, there's a hopelessness and longing in his voice that is brilliant, but there's also a quality of urgency that I thought would translate well to metal, so I basically changed up the tempos and really kept everything else the same. I call Rush my 'desert island' band, meaning if I were ever stranded on desert island and could only listen to one artist, it would be Rush. Kevin and I are both huge fans all the way back to their earliest days. Their writing in a lot of ways is very metal, but they are so much more diverse than just that. 'Red Sector A' also ties in rather neatly with the military concept of our record. We were at my house combing through some demos for the new record, when I came across my old version of it, and all at once it struck me, this would be an awesome addition to the World War II theme. I began the campaign right then to have this song on the album, Kevin instantly agreed and the rest would follow. Lyrically and musically it's a perfect compliment to this record and the whole band is really excited about it." - guitarist Mike Mooney, High Roller magazine

"Working Man", arranged by Jamie Forsyth and performed by Danielle Armstrong, the theme song from Transporter: The Series, October 11, 2012

The series premiered October 11, 2012, in Germany, December 6 in France, January 4, 2013 in Canada, and in the US on October 18, 2014. Hear the Transporter theme song here.

"The Spirit Of Radio", performed by Nektar on A Spoonful Of Time (CD/iTunes), November 27, 2012

"The first ever covers album from Prog Rock legends, Nektar, finds the band joined by an incredible gathering of musical heroes from a wide variety of genres! Artful, energetic twists on The Doors' "Riders On The Storm," Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here," Rush's "Sprit Of The Radio," Roxy Music's "Out Of The Blue" and more! Features performances by members of Yes, King Crimson, Symphony X, Opeth, Marillion, Asia, The Moody Blues, Dream Theater, Tangerine Dream, and more!"

"2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx", performed by Local H on The Another February EP (iTunes), February 5, 2013

"Subdivisions", performed by Finnish Death Metal band Omnium Gatherum on Beyond, March 5, 2013

"Anthem", performed by Anthrax on the Anthems EP (CD/iTunes), March 19, 2013

Tracklist: Anthem (RUSH); Jailbreak (THIN LIZZY); TNT (AC/DC); Big Eyes (CHEAP TRICK); Smokin' (BOSTON); Keep On Runnin' (JOURNEY).
"The RUSH song is a bit of a bitch; I can't say that's an easy one. But it's a song we all know and we're all familiar with, so then, of course, you take on the challenge of just really trying to nail it and do it justice." - Scott Ian, ArtistanNewsService, August 2, 2012
"It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those (songs) aren't, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire - although they are because they're songs we all knew. Maybe on paper the idea of us doing something like that seems weird, until you hear them and then it makes sense." - Scott Ian,, January 4, 2012
"When I was first learning to play drums, I would strap on my headphones, play along with [All the World's a Stage] and be transformed. I remember talking with Cliff [Burton] and Kirk [Hammett of Metallica] back when we first met, and we all agreed how much of an influence Rush was on all of us. I don't [know] if you would hear anything that sounds like Rush in Anthrax's music, but the passion, the drive, the musicianship and the appreciation is all there." - Charlie Benante,, January 18, 2012
"I'm certainly a Rush fan but [Drummer] Charlie [Benante] and [bassist] Frankie [Bello] and Joey are like, Rush nerds.  They know every single thing about Rush...People take Rush seriously, they?re not everyone?s cup of tea, but everyone has a respect for that band whether you like them or not." - Scott Ian, Anthrax rhythm guitarist,, March 19, 2013

"Limelight", performed by pianist Geoffrey Keezeron on Heart Of The Piano, July 9, 2013

"Working Man", performed by Cyril Neville on Magic Honey (CD/iTunes), September 10, 2013

"Neville's vocals have never lacked swagger, but here they have an arena-rock power that he's seldom reached for in the past. So it makes sense that the track 'Working Man' isn't the one Mike Bloomfield wrote and Otis Rush recorded (as the cover credits have it), but the one by those venerable bluesmen, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. And the sound of New Orleans funkateers doing a Rush song - and doing it damn well - is about as colorblind as music gets." -, September 1, 2013
"My son Omari turned me on to that song. It wound up on my CD Magic Honey, and now we do it in the Royal Southern Brotherhood, closing out the show every night. We've been rocking houses from one end of Europe to the other with it." - Cyril Neville,, December 9, 2013

"Limelight", performed Jacob Moon with the David Barrett Trio on Fascination, November 1, 2013

Limelight was recorded with The David Barrett Trio who worked with Alex Lifeson to produce their eponymous debut album; check out this video of Jacob Moon and David Barrett talking about this recording and working with Alex Lifeson, filmed the day Jacob and David recorded Limelight.
"In each case, I've twisted [the song] a little bit. I think it's an enjoyable thing to hear, when you perform a song in a unique and compelling way - in a way that reveals layers of the song that maybe had been hidden before." - Jacob Moon, Christian Week, February 21, 2014

"Subdivisions", performed by Heaven Below featuring William Shatner on the Sleeping Giants EP, December 2, 2013

"Tom Sawyer", performed by the Montréal Guitare Trio on Der Prinz (cd/iTunes), February 18, 2014

"Red Sector A" performed by Italian metal band SKW on Signs (cd/itunes), May 16, 2014

"Fly By Night", performed by The Ents on the Traveling Lights EP, September 6, 2014

Royal Philharmonic Plays Prog Rock Classics "Red Barchetta", performed by Adrian Smith and orchestra on The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics, March 31, 2015

This recording of "Red Barchetta" is taken from The Royal Philharmonic Plays The Music Of Rush released November 13, 2012
"A stellar group of musical virtuosos from the prog stratosphere join the orchestra, lending their talents to these intricately arranged masterworks in a collaborative match made in prog rock heaven."

"What You're Doing", performed by guitar shredder Michael Angelo Batio on Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio, April 14, 2015

Batio's cover of "What You're Doing" also features Queensr˙che vocalist Todd LaTorre, Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, Metal Church/TSO drummer Jeff Plate and guitarist Craig Blackwell.

"The Spirit of Radio", performed by Kobra and the Lotus on The Words of the Prophets EP, August 28, 2015

"There's no prouder moment than to take on the challenge of covering one of the greatest bands of all time. Few bands have accomplished what Rush has accomplished, and there will never be another band like them. They opened the door and shaped the way for all musicians to be more creative and brave with their music - and they did it with unrelenting confidence and skill. It is with great honor and respect that we reinforce the message of these virtuosic music monsters and the importance of 'The Spirit of Radio.'" - Kobra Paige

"Witch Hunt", performed by MolchMon on Expose, November 19, 2015

"Subdivisions" and "Madrigal", performed by comedy band Ninja Sex Party on Under The Covers, March 4, 2016

Ninja Sex Party's previous album, Attitude City, includes the semi-parody of "2112" called "6969" (click for details).

"Subdivisions", performed by death-metal band Allegaeon on Proponent for Sentience, September 23, 2016

"Closer To The Heart", performed by David Clayton-Thomas on Canadiana, October 14, 2016

David Clayton-Thomas, best known as the lead vocalist of Blood, Sweat & Tears, included his Cuban-salsa cover of "Closer To The Heart" on his album of classic Canadian songs. He talks about recording the song here.