The Spirit of Radio:
Greatest Hits (1974-1987)

Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits (1974-1987)
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Working Man (7:12)
Fly By Night (3:21)
2112 Overture
The Temples of Syrinx
Closer To The Heart (2:54)
The Trees (4:41)
The Spirit Of Radio (4:57)
Freewill (5:23)
Limelight (4:22)
Tom Sawyer (4:37)
Red Barchetta (6:10)
New World Man (3:42)
Subdivisions (5:35)
Distant Early Warning (5:59)
The Big Money (5:35)
Force Ten (4:34)
Time Stand Still (5:10)


Geddy Lee - Bass guitar, bass pedals, synthesizers, vocals
Alex Lifeson - Electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers
Neil Peart - Drums, percussion, electronic percussion
John Rutsey - Drums on "Working Man"

Produced by RUSH (1), RUSH & Terry Brown (2-12), RUSH & Peter Henderson (13), RUSH & Peter Collins (14-16)

Additional Musicians:
Aimee Mann - Vocals (Track 17)

Compilation Produced by Mike Ragogna

Digitally Remastered by Bob Ludwig and Brian Lee at Gateway Mastering Studios - Portland, ME
Assembled by Ellen Fitton at Universal Mastering Sudios East - Edison, NJ

A&E Assistance - David Richman and Jeremy Holliday

Art Direction and Design - Hugh Syme
Band Photography 'then' - Fin Costello
Band Photography 'now' - Andrew MacNaughtan

Production Coordination - Monique McGuffin

UMe thanks Ray Danniels, Pegi Cecconi & Bill Levenson

February 11, 2003
2003 Mercury Records 2003 Anthem Entertainment


In Their Own Words

"...part of a contractual thing with Paul Egram with Mercury Records from our previous deal with them, which expired in 1990. So they have the rights to do a number of greatest hits or packaged records." - Alex Lifeson, AT&T Celebrity Chat, February 10, 2003
"We did not have a lot of input in this. This was mostly a record company project. Our opinions were made known and they were very cooperative about doing good packaging for us." - Geddy Lee, chat, February 5, 2003