Rush Themes For Windows 7, 8 & 10

Bring the magic of RUSH to your PC with the largest collection of RUSH Desktop Themes for Windows on the Net. Every album is represented! Each Desktop Theme includes Desktop Background Slide Shows with custom icons and cursors which are launched at the touch of a button (previous versions also included Rush music sound effects, but as most people listen to music on their computers, sounds are not included in these themes). The Desktop Background Slide Shows include all the wallpaper images for any given album, as well as photos from that album's tourbooks and subsequent boxed sets, and are preset to randomly replace the wallpaper every 3 minutes.

To install, just click the link below and select "Open With themepackfile" and the Windows Theme will install via the Personalization Control Panel. These Windows Themes allow for full customization: if you don't like the current wallpaper image, just right click on the desktop and select "Next desktop background" and another image included in the theme will be randomly selected. Or, to make other changes, right click on the desktop and click "Personalize". This opens a dialogue box which lets you change the desktop icons, mouse pointers, desktop background images and/or rotation frequency, and more. This dialogue box also lets you choose from other installed Themes. After making any customizations, be sure to save your theme settings before changing to a new theme. If you have problems with installation, feedback is welcome.

Looking for Themes for Windows XP, ME or NT?.

RUSH Fly By Night Caress Of Steel 2112 All the World's a Stage A Farewell To Kings Hemispheres Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Exit...Stage Left Signals p/g Power Windows Hold Your Fire A Show of Hands Presto Roll The Bones Counterparts Test For Echo Different Stages Vapor Trails Rush In Rio Feedback R30 Snakes & Arrows Snakes & Arrows Live Time Machine Tour Clockwork Angels Clockwork Angels Tour R40 Collection R40 Live

Special Themes:

Rush Compilations: includes all compilations from around the world from Rush Through Time through R40...
Compilations theme: includes all compilations
from Rush Through Time through R40.

Rush Compilations: includes all compilations from around the world from Rush Through Time through R40...
Rush Covers theme: includes all studio, live and 'most' compilation album covers.