Rush Member Solo Projects

Solo Albums


Alex Lifeson's solo project, January 9, 1996

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My Favorite Headache

Geddy Lee's solo project, November 14, 2000

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Solo Songs

"Pieces of Eight"

Neil Peart on a 45rpm flexi-disk included as a sound supplement to "The Quest For New Drums", Modern Drummer, May 1987

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"The Drum Also Waltzes" and "Leave That Thing Alone!" (drums only)

Neil Peart from the cd accomanyment to the book Drum Lessons With The Greats Part 2, March 1997


"Momo's Dance Party"

Neil Peart from A Work In Progress, October 9, 1997 (VHS), April 23, 2002 (DVD)

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Merry Axemas "Little Drummer Boy"

Alex Lifeson on all instruments from Merry Axemas, October 14, 1997

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"O Canada"

Geddy and Alex featuring South Park's Terrance and Phillip from South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut soundtrack, June 22, 1999

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"March of the High Guard", Andromeda Theme

Written and performed by Alex Lifeson, October 2, 2000, available on the soundtrack to Andromeda, February 26, 2002

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"Bittersweet Bundle of Misery"

Alex Lifeson on R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour, November 22, 2005

Written and performed by Alex Lifeson, this instrumental plays as the credits roll at the end of the R30 concert video.

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"The Hockey Theme"

Performed by Neil Peart for TSN, January 19, 2010

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"Don't Look Back"

Written and performed by Alex Lifeson, end credits and additional incidental music from The Double, October 28, 2011

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