Concert Review: Rory Gallagher, Rush, If (Beacon Theatre, N.Y.)

By Kirb., Variety, November 1974, transcribed by pwrwindows

(BEACON THEATRE.N.Y.) Rory Gallagher, an Irishman who's one of rock's foremost guitars [sic], gave one of his best local performances Tuesday (5) in the last rock show at the Beacon Theatre before the Thursday (14) preview of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Coub Band on the Road." Promoter Ron Delsener's concert at the theatre fell well short of selling out, but proved ideal for rock.

If, a talented English combo, who recently returned to Capitol Records, lacked excitement in their Gotham return although Dick Morrissey, on saxes and flute, was warmly received and the youthful crowd cheered a routine drum solo by Cliff Davies.

Ear shattering sound was supplied by Rush, a Canadian trio in their first Gotham appearance. In sound, especially the lead vocals of bass guitarist Geddy Lee, the Mercury Records act, was a cross between Humble Pie and Slade. With Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey [sic] on lead guitar and drums respectively, Rush was vibrant, but the throng clearly belonged to Gallagher, who etches for Polydor.