Rush Album Review

Circus Raves, February 1975, transcribed by pwrwindows

As they say in the music business, this band is making a lot of noise (no pun intended). A lot of heavy metal noise, to be precise, but noise that's attracted a good deal of attention. Progressive stations are starting to get all over this LP, people are walking away from Rush concerts absolutely blitzed, the LP is beginning to rise faster than a refueled rocket.

What is the source of all this consternation? Well, Rush is three incredibly youthful Canadians - Alex Lifeson on guitar, Geddy Lee on bass and vocals, and John Rutsey on drums. They got together in high school five year's ago to play Led Zeppelin songs in their basements and garages and have gotten nothing but progressively better since then. They're loud, they're forceful, but beneath it all lies the unmistakable exuberance of youth, making this LP a true joy.

The most marked thing about the song is Lee's vocal bit - all the songs are sung an octave above his speaking voice, a la Steve Marriott. Otherwise the tunes are highly derivative - most obviously "Finding My Way," which steals a lot from the Zep's "Celebration Day." Even the basic riff, for that matter.

"Working Man" shows a heavy Black Sabbath influence, and as far as I'm concerned these guys couldn't be headed in any better direction. What we need right now aren't mellow fellows - we need crass, energetic musicians who are not afraid to play like they mean it - loud and hard! This Rush indicates it's more than ready, willing and able to do, thus accounting for their rising popularity. May they long continue to explode in your faces.