Caress Of Steel Review

By Geoff Barton, Sounds, January 3, 1976, transcribed by pwrwindows

I played the latest (and admittedly rather derivative) Rush album 'Caress Of Steel' in the office the other day, and unfortunately it received howls of derision. Young lead singer/bassist Geddy Lee sounds like Robert Plant and Burke Shelley combined and guitarist Alex Lifeson has his various rip-off offerings to a tee. But they make a pleasing sound and the band's Tolkien-orientated lyrics are well constructed.

They have three LPs to their credit, 'Rush', 'Fly By Night' (featuring a lengthy song that chronicles an epic fight between 'By-Tor And The Snow Dog') and the aformentioned 'Caress Of Steel'. They've all made action in the American Hot 100. A headlining tour of Britain in the planning stages for early in 1976 and, if reports are founded, it should be well worth waiting for.