Dine With Rush Theme For Polydor's Radio Promotion

RPM Weekly, March 6, 1976, transcribed by pwrwindows

click to enlarge CKOC's Nevin Grant and John Oliver, Polydor's Bob Ansell, Rush and winner Charley Price and friend.

Mercury recording artists, Rush, enjoyed an SRO crowd during their recent Hamilton Place concert, with Polydor's promo rep, Bob Ansell, teaming up with CKOC in a pool of promotional resources for a grand prize giveaway of an autographed Rush LP library, dinner with the hand and front row seats for the concert. The winning couple were accompanied to the show by Ansell and CKOC's Nevin Grant and John Oliver. Jim Reid's CKOC "progressive show", also guested Rush bassist/lead vocalist Geddy Lee and drummer Neil Peart for a 90-minute chat. Reid also gave away promotional copies of the group's latest LP, Caress of Steel.

Ansell spread his promo charm to London where he tied-in with CKSL and on-air personality Tom Kelly who emceed an autograph session at Eric Johnson's new Record Barn located in downtown London.

A "Dine with Rush" promotion is now underway at CKLC Kingston.