SRO Forming Anthem Records For Its Artists

Billboard, May 28, 1977, transcribed by pwrwindows

TORONTO-The principals of SRO Management in Canada, Ray Danniels and Vic Wilson, have formed Anthem Records as a vehicle for recording product by the acts on their roster.

The label, which has Tom Berry as its general manager and is distributed by Polydor Ltd. in Canada, will release all future product in this country by Rush, Max Webster, Liverpool and A Foot In Coldwater. The only act that the company manages that will not record is Wireless, which is signed to Warner Bros.

The first release for Anthem is the new Max Webster LP "High Class In Borrowed Shoes" which is on the Mercury label for the rest of the world.

In an arrangement with Mercury Records, Moon Records, the production house for Rush, has negotiated a deal whereby all catalog product and future product from the band will be released on the Anthem label in Canada.

According to Anthem's Berry, he will work closely with Dieter Radecki, the vice president of marketing for Polydor Records in Canada on marketing plans for label's product. All promotional aspects related to Anthem will be handled by Berry.