Rush Releases 3-Record Set: "Archives"

Mercury Records, Tiger Beat, June 1978, transcribed by pwrwindows

A lot of you recent Rush fans have expressed a strong interest in latching onto some of the metal-mashing group's earlier albums. Problem is those albums have become rather hard to find. You cant just saunter into your local record dealer and be sure of snatching them out of the "Rush" bin.

Well Rush faithfuls, things are looking up. The group has just released an stunning, three-record set entitled "Archives". This monumental volume contains Rush's first three albums: "Rush", "Fly By Night" and "Caress Of Steel". It captures what you might call the "roots of Rush," their musical beginnings. Serving up gigantic portions of Geddy Lee's wailing vocals, Alex Lifeson's incredible guitar riffs and, of course, the perpetual pounding percussion of Neil Peart.

"Archives" is packed with many of the groups most memorable tunes including classics like "Fly by Night," "Finding my Way", "Working Man" and a couple of dozen others that will keep you coming back for more. All in all, it clocks out at over two solid hours of very solid Rush. Enough to send any Rush fan into spasms of delirium.

Anyone who's ever seen Rush perform (and that's just about everyone) knows how exciting the band is. Well, they've managed to capture that same kind of excitement on "Archives." Part of the reason is the consistently high production values. The group, along with Terry Brown, produced this set with its usual eye for detail. The tracks are clear, well-mixed and, like all Rush albums, best when played good and loud.

Another appealing aspect of "Archives" is the price. You're getting three, full albums of Rush but you're not paying what three albums would normally cost. Along with this dynamite set comes a special low price. That means you're getting more Rush for your money.

Them is a slight problem though. "Archives" is being issued as a limited collector' edition. And with the phenomenal number of Rush fans across America (and Canada, where the group hails from), the set will undoubtedly be a hot seller. So don't take any chances, be sure and get your copy of "Archives" early.