Rock Hotline: Rush

By Charley Crespo, Hit Parader, February 1981, transcribed by pwrwindows

Rush has completed a tour of the cities it missed on previous tours, including Philadelphia, where local rock station WYSP organized a listener petition drive to bring the Canadian trio into the City of Brotherly Love. When not performing. Rush still rents hockey arenas so they can get in a little recreation. The hockey buffs have treasured pucks and sticks given them by the Montreal Canadiens.

Rush can also be heard on "Battle Scar", a track on the new Max Webster album. Both Canadian bands performed simultaneously on the song. With Rush's Geddy Lee contributing his distinctive vocals In the background. Max Webster now records for Mercury Records. Rush's longtime label.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson, meanwhile. Is said to be "close to" getting his pilot's license. After a recent concert at Nassau Coliseum, he flew his faithful comrades home to Toronto.

On another front, Geddy and Nancy Lee are the proud parents of their firstborn, a son named Julian Michael Woody Lee. The Woody is for Woody Allen, of whom the Lees are great fans.