Rock Forecast Calendar 1983: Rush

By Richard Hogan, George Arthur, Phil Bashe, Circus, January 31, 1983, transcribed by pwrwindows

Rush'83: Plenty of touring, then work on a new LP.

As they have in the past decade, Rush will divide their time between working on the road and in the studio. The first half of the Signals tour, which began in Wisconsin on September 3, was completed on December 15, at which point Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart returned home to their families in Canada.

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They'll take off on Leg Two in late January and will continue to tour the U.S. through April. The new show, says Lee, spotlights the best-selling Signals (Mercury), but includes many Rush standards. Later shows should offer sneak previews of material from their next LP, a typical Rush pattern.

After a probable tour of Europe and England in May, Rush will begin recording in the early fall and expect a musical direction similar to that of Signals, Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. Lee says, "I'm sure we'll inevitably get back to doing the longer pieces. But right now we're working on other aspects, like constructing melodies and being able to get a point across in a shorter period of time."