You're Welcome

By Neil Peart, International Musician and Recording World, July 1985, transcribed by pwrwindows

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your having taken the time and trouble to send me your congratulations and a copy of your magazine announcing my unworthy election by your readers in your most recent Music Awards poll [February 1985]. I am sure that very few musicians feel that they deserve such an honor, or that they are worthy of the praise of their peers, but nonetheless it's certainly nice to receive.

I know that I speak for Geddy as well when I say that it's a great feeling to see your name at the top of such an illustrious list of musicians, and it does make you work harder to try to live up to and deserve such a position. I would also like to say that Philip Bashe did a great job on the stories. The original interview was very enjoyable and stimulating, and he more than lived up to expectations in the transcribing and writing of the final product. It's very satisfying to have been a part of it (one can't always say that!). My thanks to all of you.

Neil Peart
Toronto, CAN