Polygram Records And Lifetime Learning Systems Spark "Rush To Creativity"

Polygram Records Press Release, January 7, 1986, transcribed by pwrwindows

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Mercury/PolyGram recording group RUSH is the subject of a unique educational and marketing campaign presented by PolyGram Records and created by Lifetime Learning Systems, Inc. The two companies have combined efforts to distribute a free motivational learning kit entitled "RUSH To Creativity" to every public high school in America. Nearly 18,000 institutions will receive this integrative campaign, reaching 5-6 million students. A lesson plan for English curriculum is offered, with supplements for creative writing exercises, which utilizes lyrics from the group's latest hit album Power Windows. A promotional RUSH poster is included in the package.

"PolyGram is absolutely ecstatic to be the first record company to launch this type of campaign," says Harry Anger. Senior Vice President of Marketing for the label. "In addition to showcasing RUSH's creative aspects, 'RUSH To Creativity' opens the door to a whole new, innovative, and effective way for teachers to reach students and for the record company to interest students in RUSH. I am very proud of the team headed by Marketing Vice President Harry Palmer which created this superb program." he adds.

"Palmer worked directly with Lifetime Learning on each element of this campaign. There is no question, Harry Palmer is the catalyst who made this exciting and innovative program possible," Anger concludes.

RUSH is used as a prototype to stimulate writing activities and classroom discussion. "Activity One" in the lesson plan, for example, asks the student to study RUSH song lyrics and to recognize poetic devices such as simile, metaphor and personification. Samples of song lyrics are included, although students are encouraged to purchase the album and bring it to class. Teachers are also encouraged to photocopy and distribute as many sets of lesson plans as needed for other classes.

Lifetime Learning Systems, Inc., a Fairfield, Connecticut based company, has created motivational education kits which integrate national product campaigns for numerous other firms, including Columbia Pictures, Lee Jeans and General Mills. "RUSH To Creativity," their debut collaboration with a record company, promises to be the first of many successful campaigns with PolyGram Records.

"With the range of creativity found among other artists in the PolyGram family, we look forward to working together with Lifetime Learning Systems to further stimulate experiential learning in the classroom," Anger says.