Power Windows (Review)

By Georges Sulmers, Rock Scene, October 1986, transcribed by pwrwindows

What do you get when you cross "Grace Under Pressure" with "Hemispheres?" Power Windows - a truly phenomenal piece of progressive rock. On their latest, Rush boldly go (again) where angels fear to tread. This masterpiece is so subtle, it's difficult to describe. After repeated listens, one wonders just what the trio of Lee, Peart, and Lifeson are not capable of doing. This unit are undeniably the most accomplished musicians ever assembled: in their case, staying together really means for better or for worse.

Power Windows is a very intense album, musically and lyrically. Musically, it's so dynamic and precise that it makes you realize this trio have not run out of ideas. Can you imagine how much time they put into writing and arranging material like this? Just listen to songs like "Marathon," "Territories," and "Mystic Rhythms," and you'll get my drift. Lyrically, Neil Peart knows how to get it. The lyrical content of the album deals with the different aspects of power that exist in the world. Thus, the title of the album: Power Windows - with each song being a different window. Get it? Got it!? Good!! "The Big Money" deals with the power of money and its uses: "Manhattan Project" deals with the concept of man creating something that he cannot control: and "Emotion Detector" explores the power we have over each other in day-to-day relationships: sort of the way I'm trying to coax you into buying this album.

My only criticism with Power Windows is that at times it gets too serious for the average 'Joe Blows' of the world. But, all in all, it's a ten-course meal in food for thought and a sound investment.