Geddy Lee Album In October

By Paul Cantin, Jam! Showbiz, August 15, 2000, transcript by Eric Hansen

The solo album from Rush singer Geddy Lee is now set for release in October, according to reports sweeping through Rush's online community.

The group's label, Anthem, officially says Lee is still in the studio and it's too early to announce a release date or to confirm Lee's plan to release the material.

But the Rush fan websites Counterparts ( and A Show Of Fans ( reports that official sources have been spreading word about the album's release through fan websites.

According to the sites and messages flooding into the Rush newsgroup, the as-yet-untitled disc is due to hit racks Oct. 24.

One report even suggested the Welsh group Stereophonics are to make a guest appearance on the record. A representative for Stereophonics' label, V2, told JAM! on Tuesday that she was unaware of any plan by the group to guest on an album with Lee, but added: "I know they are huge Rush fans."

MTV reports that former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron appears on the record, as does Our Lady Peace's Jeremy Taggart.

Lee first revealed that he was working on solo material exclusively to JAM! last winter. He said he had been writing songs with a number of collaborators, including former K.D. Lang sideman Ben Mink.

"I have been doing a lot of writing over the last couple of years with various people. I have got quite an accumulation of material together. We have gathered some material together that is ... interesting," Lee told JAM! last January.

"It is all over the place. If it sees the light of day, you will be able to tell me what it is like ... I would say it's good material."

Rush has been an extended hiatus since their last performance July 4, 1997 at Ottawa's Corel Centre, the final date in support of their most recent album, "Test For Echo."

Since then, drummer and lyricist Neil Peart has had to cope with a pair of tragedies. On Aug. 10, 1997, his 19-year-old daughter Selena died in a single car crash on Hwy. 401 near Brighton, Ont. Then almost one year later, Peart's wife, Jacqueline Taylor, succumbed to cancer.

Lee has said the group's break is open-ended and awaiting Peart's decision about when to start making music again.