The Rush Is On For Lee

By Kieran Grant, Toronto Sun, October 24, 2000, transcript by Eric Hansen

TORONTO -- After a few years of silence, fans won't have to wait much longer to hear from Geddy Lee. Or Rush.

During an interview yesterday to promote his upcoming solo album, My Favourite Headache, the Canadian bass-playing great said that, following a three-year hiatus, Rush will regroup early next year.

"We're going to start to write together in the new year," Lee confirmed. "It's going to be fun. It's going to be a little weird, because a lot's gone down in the last few years. But I remain optimistic -- slightly guarded in my optimism -- but optimistic nonetheless."

Rush put their recording career on hold following the death of drummer Neil Peart's daughter in a car accident in August of 1997. A year later, Peart lost his wife to cancer.

Since then, Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson have stressed that Peart's well-being is their first and only concern.

"This is my friend, and he's hurting," Lee told the Toronto Sun in a 1998 interview. "We're all hurting. To think about anything of a practical nature is inappropriate."

He added that the best support Rush fans could give Peart was to give him the time he needs to recover.

Yesterday, he said the drummer is ready to play again.

"Neil is in a much more positive headspace and I'm happy for him. He's feeling the need to do something, so Alex and I are happy to rejoin the fray and see what happens."

Lee completed My Favourite Headache, his first-ever solo record, during his time away from Rush.

The disc comes out Nov. 14.