Geddy Lee Releases 'Headache' And Embarks On In-Store Tour

By Darren Davis and Bruce Simon,, November 14, 2000

My Favorite Headache, the first solo album by Rush bass player Geddy Lee, arrives in stores today (November 14), as does Lee himself. To support of the set, Lee is on a promotional tour that includes record-store stops today at Compact Disc World in Edison, New Jersey; tomorrow (November 15) at Desirable Discs in Dearborn, Michigan; Thursday (November 16) at Best Buy in Brooklyn, Ohio; and Friday (November 17) at Rolling Stones in Norridge, Illinois.

The title track from the album, "My Favorite Headache," is garnering airplay across the rock spectrum, and it looks like stations are happy to have one of rock's most distinctive voices back. LAUNCH asked Lee about the title of the album, and he noted that co-writer Ben Mink had a lot to do with it.

Lee explained, "That's a funny story, actually. The title comes from a conversation Ben had with his father, who's a very wise old guy, and they were discussing something. I can't remember the circumstance, but they were discussing something that had gone wrong in their household, and he had replied to Ben," Lee says in an accent, "'Oh and now, right away, your mother is getting the favorite headache.' So Ben told me that story and I laughed so hard, and I thought, 'What a unique way of putting it.'"

Lee added, "I started thinking about the phrase, and I just loved that phrase and all that it can mean, so I just took to it." My Favorite Headache is also a CD-ROM that contains a special hour-long program featuring a Geddy Lee interview and behind-the-scenes footage from the recording studio.