Geddy Lee Best Album, Film Picks

By Paul Cantin, Jam!Showbiz, January 12, 2001

Geddy Lee may be the maker of what JAM! users consider the best album of the year, but he has his own views on the best of entertainment in 2000.

Here's a look at the maker of "My Favorite Headache's" favourite music and movies of the year.

Favourite albums:

Delerium -- "Poem" "It is kind of a surprise for me. Somebody gave it to me when I was in the States. I put it in my machine and it keeps coming up, and I like the way it sounds."

Beck -- "Midnite Vultures" "I think that is a good record."

Radiohead -- "Kid A" "I am starting to get into 'Kid A.' I think it is a record that needs a lot of time."

Bjork -- "Selmasongs" "Of course, she is a big favourite of mine, but again, that is a record that needs time."

Foo Fighters -- "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" "That is a great piece of work."

Favourite Live Show Pearl Jam, Toronto (Air Canada Centre) "Pearl Jam were awesome. I went down when Matt (Cameron, PJ drummer who played on the "My Favorite Headache" sessions) came to town, and f--k they were good! I had never seen them live. I didn't realize they were such a great rock and roll band and Eddie (Vedder) had such a great rock n roll voice. Good people, too. That was definitely my favorite concert of the year."

Favourite Movies "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" "It is so great! The music is great. I am not a lover of musicals in any way, but I loved the way that movie is put together. I am a big Cohen Brothers fan anyway. It was beautiful. The only thing I didn't like about the film was, I thought it was clever when they picked the kid up, and you see the shot of the crossroads, and it is obvious what the scene is (a reference to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson). And then they had to say it! They didn't need to say it. 'Tommy Johnson', and he was told to wait at the crossroads. It would have been hipper if they let the images tell it."

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" "I loved it."

"Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas" "I liked 'The Grinch.' I thought 'The Grinch' was a f--king great film. I took my daughter to see it twice. We're sitting at home practising our Grinch imitations. I think Jim Carrey is such a great actor. He needs to get more recognition. I thought he got ripped off for 'The Truman Show.' It was just wrong that he didn't get more accolades. 'Man On The Moon' was great, but it was strange. It didn't tell you anything about Andy Kaufman. It was an instant replay of his greatest hits."