Rush Leave A Vapor Trail, March 18, 2002

For prog-rock gearheads, May 14, 2002 will from here on in be referred to as "Christmas." Thatıs the date when one of the most successful rock bands in Canadian history, Rush, will release their 17th studio album, which will be called Vapor Trails.

The Rush trio - Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson - haven't recorded an album together in five years, making Vapor Trails' release an important event for hardcore Rush fans the world over. Often labeled as a "musician's band," Rush are a mainstay as cover subjects for music gear magazines, especially Lee, who is regarded as a "bass God" in certain circles. Their diehard fans hail them for their lengthy prog-rock epics, while the rest of us know them as the classic rock outfit that scored hits with "Tom Sawyer" and "Closer To The Heart."

While there are rumours that snippets of the new album are floating around on the Internet, Rush fans can get their first taste of Vapor Trails the safe and legal way at the beginning of April. The album's first single, "One Little Victory," will be shipped off to radio on March 29 and will undoubtedly be played all over the place shortly after.

In addition to the album, and probably even more exciting to Rush fans, the band has announced that the release will be followed by a North American tour. Rush, who haven't played together since July of 1997, will break their live hiatus in June. No dates have been announced at this time.