Alex's Statement To The Fans, June 10, 2005

What a relief to be over this terrible ordeal and finally move on to better things. I felt completely violated for months after the incident at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida, on New Year?s Eve 2003, but I was also comforted by the concern from so many Rush fans who wrote or called me, who know me and what sort of person I am, and for their many letters to the press in support of my family and me. I must admit, it was also uplifting to see the surprise from the police and the Ritz Carlton when so many let their outrage be known.

It was difficult to live in silence for 15 months, but now that we are pursuing a measure of accountability from those who beat, Tasered and jailed me without cause, I feel liberated and am ready to begin sharing the horror of that night and the ensuing 475 nights of fear and loathing. I have released a statement to the general press regarding my actions against the Ritz Carlton and the Collier County Sheriff?s Office that can be found on this site, and will hopefully begin to bring some clarity to the issue.

I sincerely want to thank you all for your amazing support. After so many wonderful years together, I am humbled by the depth of concern and affection that Rush fans have had for us through our most difficult times, and will never, ever forget it. Thank you with all my heart.

Alex Lifeson