Producer Sheds Light On Working With Rock Band Rush

By Douglas Maher, All Headline News, October 12, 2005

Montreal, Canada (AHN) - Rush's producer and director Pierre Lamoureux sheds light on the upcoming "R:30 - Rush Live In Frankfurt, Germany" DVD package that is set to hit stores November 22.

Lamoureux is responsible for the huge undertaking of not only the "R:30" package but the DVD releases of "Exit Stage Left...," "Grace Under Pressure Tour - 1984," and "A Show of Hands" all of which are being released in 2006 in both a special box set and individual package.

"There is a lot of work that has gone on with the band over the last year," Lamoureux saysin an exclusive with All Headline News.

"We have the entire Rush catalog in our hands. Not just the studio material theyhave released on albums, but every single demo or song that has not been releasedas well. We are setting Rush up for the future for releases that will be able to have 5.1 audio mixes along with SACD formats down the road."

The news is obviously going to make every Rush fan shine from Bangkok to LakesidePark in Canada, but Lamoureux insists it only gets better from here.

"For obvious reasons I can't get into every detail about the band's business and future but I can assure you the concerts that we are re-releasing are not straight VHS to DVD transfers. These are color touched, remastered, and re-mixed in 5.1 stereoand we are deciding which extras we will add to each in the coming days. We are basically done with everything except the extras and that decision lies with the band.

Lamoureux reveals that the "Grace Under Pressure" DVD in particular might holdspecial surprises for fans down the road; some suprises, never thought to be possible.

"We found the footage for 'Grace'," Lamoureux says.

"The concerts will be released in the same format as the original releasesincluding track listing and running time of the actual concert. But down the road when Blue-Ray technology becomes more popular and we are able to extend things out to levels beyond where we are at currently...we can then go back and releasethe found footage that was not on the original release."

Lamoureux adds that the frustration of the job has been finding the footageto begin with. As a matter of fact, he is asking for any information leading to people who worked on the crews of the filming of "Exit Stage Left..." and"A Show of Hands" to please come forward and contact them.

"We know someone has the film from those shows... we just need to get them at this point. It could be someone who worked with a former producer, a filmcrew member... anyone at this point. We didn't expect to find the 'Grace Under Pressure stuff... and we did.'"

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and engineer Rick Chycki did the engineeringfor the 2-audio CDs for the deluxe package of "R:30" and Lamoureux's brother Francois did the audio chores for the recording of the concert itself.

"The band decided they wanted to do this half-way through the tour so it was a matter of getting things going quickly and trying to find venues," Lamoureux adds. "I approached the band's management SRO about filming Rush on their anniversary tour and they turned me down being so close to their "Rush In Rio" project. As the tour went on they decided it would be a great idea but it was too late to film Radio City Music Hall and Red Rocks although we talked about it, wejust couldn't get crews into the cities at the right time."

Lamoureux admits that the DVD was almost filmed in Montreal but the band optedfor Germany instead.

"It was a great crowd in Frankfurt and the DVD will display that. It was originally going to be even shorter (R:30 is not a complete concert) but the band decidedthey wanted to add even more material from the concert because it all came out so well, thankfully we didn't have a glitch the entire night... so that materialwill probably be used somewhere down the road."

Stating the fact that a Rush show is not an easy task (clocking in at over 3 hours and 15 minutes) Lamoureux says,"I have never worked so hard in my life, it was like working two concerts in one night..a double shift, but watching the guys in Rush perform is just an amazing experience."