'Roadshow: Landscape With Drums' Neil Peart Review

By Rich Wilson, Classic Rock, February 2007, transcribed by pwrwindows

Entertaining but occasionally disturbing tales from the road. Following on from the Rush drummer's previous travel writing, Roadshow neatly combines his usual shrewd observations with recollections from his band's 30th-anniversary tour. With Peart travelling between gigs by motorbike, the concept makes for an invigorating read as various characters drift in and out, in sharp contrast to the usual touring monotony.

But there's also an overriding sense that Peart views performing with Rush as a tiresome chore. When added to Peart's distasteful recollection of his assault on a fan who dared to ask him to sign his collection of treasured LPs - leaving both admirer and vinyl floundering in the dirt - this book is at times both depressing and undoubtedly reputation damaging. After three decades on the road, you'd think he'd know better.