Sports Talk With Geddy Lee

Rush Frontman, Blue Jays Season-Ticket Holder

By Matt Crossman, Sporting News Vol. 231 Issue 18, April 30, 2007, transcribed by pwrwindows

The words of the profits are written on the Sporting News wall: We dig Geddy.

SN: I hear your fantasy league is hard-core.

LEE: It's a fantastic indulgence in baseball insanity. We have 40-man rosters. We have very, very tough eligibility rules. These leagues that have you play one day at third base and you're a third baseman just don't cut it for me. They're a joke.

All other things being equal, would you draft a Rush fan over a Canadian?

I have no Canadian bias when it comes to ballplayers. When it comes to winning my league, it's numbers that count. I don't care if he's a Rush fan.

Which was better, getting mentioned on Sports-Center or Mystery Science Theater 3000?

MST3K, for sure. No offense to Dan Patrick, but MST3K, I mean, that's forever.

You guys will tour this summer in support of your new album, Snakes and Arrows (in stores May 1). Do you really check your fantasy lineup during intermissions?

With the Internet, I can check and see if I've got a pitcher going.

So instead of thinking about the "Spirit of Radio," you're thinking, "Should I have played Tom Glavine tonight?"

Exactly-damn, I hope he's not getting beat up.

Ever make a trade during a drum solo?

No. Trades must be seriously considered. I would never do anything so rash.

"Limelight" is your best song. It quotes William Shakespeare. Are you ever going to do a song that quotes Peter Gammons?

It's possible, especially now that I know him. He's very quotable-one of the greatest storytellers I've ever met in my life. He's a fantastic character. He knows almost as much about music, maybe more, than he does about baseball.

Which is the bigger fashion mistake, the robes Rush wore in the 1970s or the White Sox uniforms from the same era?

The White Sox, for sure. Or the Pirates. The "We Are Family" Pirates, that was a bad uniform.