'Snakes & Arrows Live' CD Review

By Paul Elliott, Classic Rock, July 2008, transcribed by pwrwindows

Anthem/Atlantic Prog aficionados release their sixth live album with added rock boffinery.

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. In the past five years Rush have released the three-CD Rush In Rio and the CD/DVD package R30. And now, here's another live album! Recorded in Rotterdam on October 16, 2007, this one features a whopping nine tracks from the trio's latest studio album Snakes & Arrows, plus several obscure fan faves (including the boffin-rock masterpiece Natural Science) and the classic doublewhammy of The Spirit Of Radio and Tom Sawyer.

It's great stuff. And of course, being Rush, the playing is exceptional: Neil Peart's drum solo is awfully clever But, seriously, a sixth Rush live album? Two was enough.