Rush: Sunday August 29th, Nationwide

By KevyKev, Columbus Melt, August/September 2010, transcribed by pwrwindows

Few classic rock bands still around today hold the mystique, relevance and raw power of Rush. Having formed in Toronto more than four decades ago, the band has proved time and again that their fanbase is ready and willing to shell out the duckets for almost anything they put together, having been outsold all-time by only the Beatles and Rolling Stones. But their sphere of importance doesnt end with mere record sales... crawl thru any heavy metal, prog, hard or alternative rock database and you'll find their name listed as influences more than Jesus... or Satan, and with good reason. Rush isn't just a fan's band, they're a musician's band, and their appeal spreads over a cross section of rock enthusiasts thicker than the Chunky Style Jif on one of my afternoon P.B.&J's!

Though their sound has varied slightly from the straightforward Cream-infused Hard Rock of their early career to the epic sweeping Arena Rock sounds that really helped catapult them into super stardom, Rush has never been a band to sit on their laurels, keeping fans (and themselves) on their toes whilst always pushing the envelope of the instrumentation and technology that has become available over their existence. With the key elements in place, Geddy Lee's high-pitched vocals, Neil Peart's almost unbelievably-epic drumming, And Alex Lifeson's complex guitar work, their sound has evolved while remaining a tower of strength with fans. And their eclectic lyrical motifs drawing heavily on science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy, as well as addressing humanitarian, social, emotional, and environmental concerns have kept them in the "Limelight" as the ultimate GeekRockers of all-time, and captured the imagination of millions.

So now they're back, with the first concert performance in Columbus since 2007's outdoor classic at Germain Amphitheater. This go round at Nationwide, The "Time Machine" tour is said to not only feature new and classic material from the band, but a COMPLETE playback of their 1981 classic album Moving Pictures, the album which sprouted arguably their most popular song, "Tom Sawyer", in it's entirety. If you've never seen Rush (and can afford the tickets) you're in for a REAL treat. Aside from the phenomenal stage and light show, you'll be led down a pathway of undeniably familiar rock fanfare hoisted up by the virtuoso musicianship of the band itself. And if you don't go out feeling like two million bucks, walking on air and ready to go home, start slappin the bass, wailin on your axe or pick up the sticks (ESPECIALLY after a Neil Peart drum solo), I'd say you just didnt get it. Rush goes on at Nationwide Arena, Sunday evening August 29th. Tickets are steep, but available thru Ticketmaster and (for the ultimate seats in the house) Dreamseats.