Classic Album - Moving Pictures (Review)

Guitar Techniques, August 2011, transcribed by pwrwindows

RUSH - Moving Pictures
Mercury *****

With a Deluxe CD and DVD edition with enhanced audio and video it's a great time to reconsider Moving Pictures, the album that heralded 'Rush Phase Two'. Released in 1981, it was their eighth studio album and introduced a mellower side to Geddy Lee's vocals, and the addition of polyphonic synthesisers. This opened up a dramatically increased soundscape and commerciality. From the opening drum beat of Tom Sawyer and the filter sweep of the synth, here was a new Rush. In spite of their amazing technical ability, the track is left with space to breathe. In contrast the instrumental YYZ is full on and rhythmically complex, yet even this gets some relief with blocked synth chords. It's their biggest selling album to date and with tracks like Limelight, Red Barchetta and the aforementioned it's easy to see why. The new surround sound mix setup on the DVD also gives enhanced listening pleasure. Pure genius.