Rush 'Time Machine' (DVD Review)

Guitar Techniques, April 2012, transcribed by pwrwindows


Anthem - Eagle Vision
***** (five stars)

Prepare to be fully entertained as both sets of this recent concert kick off with a curious little film entitled The Real History Of Rush that features our trio of heroes and a troublesome Time Machine. The film is back projected at the start of this live set taken from the Cleveland performance from their latest tour and what a spectacle it is! It's literally packed with Rush favourites and their Moving Pictures album is included in its entirety on stage for the first time. The sound, lighting and stage set is truly stunning and the band has never sounded better. Back projection has been an important part of a Rush concert for a long time and here displays the year for each track plus a mixture of live close-ups, photographs and film clips, all helping to keep us captivated. We particularly liked the instrumental workout that is Leave That Thing Alone - they all shine brightly on this 'bit of indulgence' as they call it. Subdivisions is beautifully executed and newer tracks like Faithless from the Snakes And Ladders [sic] album show that the writing skill is still very much intact even after all this time. Without a doubt the band are having fun and with the full concert here we just can't praise this enough.