Geddy Lee Reveals Plan to Fix Favorite Baseball Team

The prog-rock icon answers your questions about the MLB season

By Andy Greene,, November 19, 2014

Earlier this month, when Geddy Lee sat down with Rolling Stone to answer your questions, he did so with one caveat: "I sometimes look on Twitter to follow baseball transactions - but that's it."

Yes, while he makes no attempt to hide his aversion to social media ("I see it as an addiction and I have enough addictions,") Geddy has a weakness for the waiver wire, which means even he turns to Twitter from time to time. This probably isn't much of a surprise to Rush fans, who are well aware of Lee's lifelong obsession with baseball - and it definitely explains why, in between all the questions about 2112, Neil Peart's post-show aroma and sorcery, they also sent over more than a few queries about the sport.

And, of course, Lee was game to answer. From singing the praises of new Cubs manager Joe Maddon ("He's brilliant") to fending off fantasy baseball questions ("Too early. Way too early,") he gave us his quick takes on the Major League Baseball season that was, and, of course, what he expects from his beloved Toronto Blue Jays in 2015.

"I'm quite fond of the gentleman who's managing the Blue Jays right now," Lee said of skipper John Gibbons. "[But] I'd like to see them get a true ace for their staff. I'd like to see them get a true second basemen. And I'd like to see them get a solid center fielder."

(Sadly, our Twitter Q&A happened before the Jays went out and dropped $82 million on veteran catcher Russell Martin. We would have loved to hear his thoughts on that move.)

Lee was also quick to dismiss the criticisms of the World Series - which had been dubbed "the worst ever" before going seven games - and praised MLB's entire 2014 postseason.

"I thought it was great," he said. "The playoffs were really exciting and I thought the World Series was great. The games that I was able to see were really good."

And ever the obsessive, Lee's already turning his attention to the upcoming Winter Meetings, set to begin December 8 in San Diego. That's where trades between teams will be struck, free agents will be signed and the 2015 season will begin to take shape. So when he was asked which Rush song would make the perfect soundtrack to all that wheeling and dealing - well, he had to think about it for a second.

"Oh God, that's a toughie," he laughed. "Maybe 'Losing It?' I don't know. How about 'Beneath, Between & Behind,' because everyone wants to know what's really going on."