La Villa Strangiato (8.86Mb)
from Greg Howe - Ascend
Greg Howe's (guitars) and Vitalij Kuprij's (keyboards) impressive techniques in one of the most intense progressive rock songs ever

The Spirit Of Radio (3.16Mb)
from Rachel Barton - Strigendo: Storming The Citadel
Rachel Barton's arrangement for a classical rendition of TSOR, played in a string trio formation
Performed by: Rachel Barton - violin, Edgar Gabriel - violin, Brandon Vamos - cello

What You're Doing (4.05Mb)
70's hard-rock song performed in a 80's hard-rock style, from Skid Row - B-Side Ourselves
Performed by: Skid Row

Different Strings + Teasers (6.13Mb)
recorded live in 22 July, 1998 at Old Bridge, NJ
Dream Theater have lots of fun playing live a plenty of Rush teasers (Cygnus X-1, YYZ, Tom Sawyer, Lakeside Park and The Body Electric) and Different Strings, Petrucci does a really marvelous guitar solo there.

Different Strings (6.45Mb)
recorded live in December 27, 1998 at The Electric Factory/Philadelphia.
Different Strings/Analog Kid/La Villa Strangiato medley performed by Dream Theater in a recent live concert. AmazinG!

Tom Sawyer (remix) (6.04Mb)
Remix version made for the Small Soldiers motion picture, from Small Soldiers Sountrack.
Remix by DJ Z-Trip

Tears (3.71Mb)
Electric live version, from Dream Theater - Uncovered (bootleg)
Recorded live in Jan, 31, 1995 at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, England.

Performed by: Dream Theater

Tears (2.64Mb)
Acoustic studio version, officially unreleased
Performed by: Dream Theater

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