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I've posted this message in a Rush Mailing List as a open heart letter... by the time, I had just listened to the samples listed down there and was so mad I had to write something.


Something is happening with the world...

Don't know how many of you have ever heard about the new Rush Tribute Album, it's called Red Star: A Heavy Metal Tribute to Rush, and you don't even need to be very smart to feel the obvious smell of mercadological apellation and great talent's unfair exploration.

The philosophy behind the tribute is simple, crappy record company (Dwell) put his bunch of crappy bands to play Rush... In this way they publicize the record company's name, the bands' names and still can make some good money with the millions of Rush fans worldwide...

That's pretty much the same philosophy with the Magna Carta Tributes... I even think that they could not survive the beggining and bands like Shadow Gallery, Magellan and the record company itself wouldn't have gained the projection that they've gained in so little time if they had not done so. Something like "unite great musicians and do tribute albuns to great bands".

But that's ok... I mean... that's ok for us, that have been a great tribute album (Working Man), very well-done, with high-level musicians playing songs in even higher level and so... but when I listened to Red Star I understood a little of the anger and scorn that Neil felt about the Working Man Tribute, I was also angry about those guys... how could they make it?

Red Star is the biggest insult that can exist against a band like Rush. It's a colossal lack of respect and consideration.

It looks like they took some guys that never heard and would never hear Rush in their lifes, and suddenly make them choose a Rush song to play and record.. The result is a tribute that discredit everyone and destroy some of the greatest masterpieces from all times (I am inclined to never again hear anything that comes from Dwell, neither the bands that take part).

It's like if you get a hardcore band and make them play something from Yes for example... besides having nothing to do with the style, they wouldn't like to hear it neither play it, but if they have to, they would do just anything. Any crap and that's it.

What's the meaning of a tribute? Does anyone recalls? It was when musicians that were influenced by the music and work of an artist got together to do honour to him. Usually after his death; it was not intended to be a easy way to get money or promotion... what's the value a 'market oriented' tribute?

Holy shit...
I regret very much having ordered this album... please don't commit the same mistake.

Hugs, and keep your head up...

--- Rodrigo Teixeira

  I've received some very 'right-to-the-point' mails this week (date is on the quoted emails) from Dwell Records, I'll be removing mpegs but the manifesto and message board will still be here.
From: "Rex" <rex@dwellrecords.com>
To: <rodrigot@bigfoot.com>
Subject: please remove
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:05:16 -0800

Please remove all mp3 audio files of Red Star:A Tribute to Rush from your website.
Thank you & kindest regards,
Dwell Records


From: Rodrigo Teixeira <rodrigot@bigfoot.com> To: Rex <rex@dwellrecords.com> Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 9:42 AM Subject: Re: please remove Hi Rex, I got only one full mp3 from this album, the rest are just 1:30 sound samples (some of the original tracks have up to 6:30 lenght) and I don't think they can do any harm to your company since it doesn't mean a way to substitute the album. You see, most of online music magazines and cd stores are filled with sound samples from albuns they review or sell. Can't we? Thanks, Rodrigo Teixeira - rodrigot@bigfoot.com ________________________________________________ Virtual Songs - www.2112.net/sphere/virtualsongs

From: "Rex" <rex@dwellrecords.com> To: "Rodrigo Teixeira" <rodrigot@bigfoot.com> Subject: Re: please remove Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:19:12 -0800 Dear Rodrigo- I do not mind what you want to say on your site. However, I would really appreciate it if you removed the sound samples and the full length track from your site. All of the online zines and stores you mentioned, must obtain permission from the respective record co. to post or offer downloads. If you wish to provide a link to the sound samples posted on amazon.com or cdnow.com, that would be acceptable. We have a business relationship with those online companies, thus, they have permission to post samples online for the public to review. Thank you for your cooperation, Rex DWELL RECORDS

Alright, after that, my act speaks for itself... I removed the files hosted in this server, but added links to the clips hosted by CDNow.com, they are the same from Amazon, so I didn't put both, unfortunately they have about 30 sec only.

  1. Anthem - Engrave Speed Death
2. Working Man - Killing Field
3. Bastille Day - Shallows Of The Mundane
4. Subdivisions - Hostile Intent
5. What You're Doing - Hate Theory

  Yes, they are all here, just for you listening displeasure...

I won't give'em rates, but I recommend that you download Passage To Bangkok, Temples Of Syrinx and Tom Sawyer as they are the most bizzare and ruined ones... and Tears as it is the less terrible one (yeah, there is no "best" there) and I put it as a full lenght track (all the others are samples about 1"30' lenght)
  01. Anthem - Engrave Speed Death (837Kb)
02. Working Man - Killingfield (635Kb)
03. Bastille Day - Shallows Of The Mundane (656Kb)
04. Subdivisions - Hostile Intent (987Kb)
05. What You're Doing - Hate Theory (795Kb)
06. Tears - Capital 2 (full lenght track) (1,850Kb)
07. Passage To Bangkok - Scary German Guy (674Kb)
08. Tom Sawyer - Disarray (766Kb)
09. The Temples Of Syrinx - Blood Coven (641Kb)
10. Freewill - Mythiasin (573Kb)
11. Red Barchetta - Prototype (769Kb)
12. The Spirit Of Radio - Premonition (676Kb)

Virtual Songs would like to thanks Martin from www.rush.com.ar for providing the mp3s

If you have any comments, mail me at rodrigot@bigfoot.com

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