Neil's Drum Setup for the Test For Echo Tour

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Here's What He's Got...

The Toms...
DW Drums: Collector's Series Red Sparkle Finishply(tm) with Brass Hardware
16x22" bass drum
7x10" tom tom
8"12" tom tom
9x13" tom tom
12x15" floor tom
16x16" floor tom
16x18" tom tom mounted like a gong drum
5x14" snare drum
13x15" floor tom (on left side)
5x13" snare drum (on left side, to the back)

The Cymbals: Avedis Zildjian...
8" A splash
20" A Medium crash
13" A New Beat hi hats
10" A splash
16" A Rock crash
16" A Rock crash
8" A splash
22" A ping ride
18" A Medium crash
14" A New Beat hi hats
18" A China Low
20" A China Low
These are for the front kit only

The Heads...
Remo coated Ambassadors on all tom toms and snare
Remo Ambassadors on bottom of toms
Remo Clear Dot on bass drum

Pro-Mark 747 Neil Peart signature sticks
Cowbells (left side instead of right)
Mallet Kat midi controller

Now, wonder "how does he play this things ???????"