Jaymz Bee And The Royal Jelly Orchestra
from the album COCKTAIL: SHAKIN' & STIRRED

Jaymz Bee - vocals
The Royal Jelly Orchestra
73138 35815-2
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Canada's answer to Austin Powers converts Canadian rock hits into lounge music for space age bachelor pads.

Steve Says

Jaymz Bee used to make very weird music as the main lunatic in a band called Look People. Now he has turned to lounge music and has even written a book, Cocktail Parties For Dummies. The Royal Jelly Orchestra was originally formed as a tongue-in-cheek act for the first Kumbaya Festival. This amazingly cool cd takes Canadian rock standards and transforms them into lounge lizard fodder. So put on your Hugh Hefner robe and pipe and give this a listen.


The Royal Jelly Orchestra consists of:
  • Jono Grant - guitars, keyboards
  • Great Bob Scott - drums
  • John Henry Nyenhuis - keyboards
  • Sam Allison - bass
  • Victor Bateman - bass
  • Richard Underhill - saxophone
  • Sarah McElcheran - trumpet
  • Colleen Allen - woodwinds
  • Jim Bish - saxophone, flute
  • James Swan - violin
  • George Kollar - sitar
  • Peter Appleyard - percussion
  • The album comes with cocktail recipes in the cd tray.

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