Track 10

Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
Alex Lifeson - guitar
Neil Peart - drums
Rush Live
Dec. 5, 1974
Electric Lady Studios, New York, New York
On an early recording, Rush covers an old Beatles cover song.

Steve Says

There are 7 known recordings of different live Rush concerts from 1974 that contain this cover. I happened to choose the Electric Lady recording because I seem to like it best. The sound quality is good and it has a bit of an edge on the others. Alex really seems to be showing off during his wild guitar solo, a real departure from his later, more refined style.


An ROIO is a "Recording Of Indeterminate/Illegitimate Origin".

All known concert recordings that contain Bad Boy are:

  • 08/14/74 Pittsburgh, PA
  • 08/26/74 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
  • 11/03/74 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
  • 11/17/74 Convocation Hall, Toronoto, Ontario (exact date unsure)
  • 11/27/74 Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA
  • 12/05/74 Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY
  • 12/16/74 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

    Eric says: "This is one of only two known recordings of Rush covering others' material, the other being their first single, a cover of Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away".

    You can find the original Larry Williams "Bad Boy" and the Beatles cover at the Freedom Of Music website.

    Where To Find It

    "Bad Boy" from 12/5/74 Electric Lady Studios

    or here's a different version of Bad Boy from 12/16/74 Agora Ballroom at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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