Track 9
Max Webster

Kim Mitchell - guitar, vocals
Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
Alex Lifeson - guitar
Dave Myles - bass
Neil Peart - drums
Terry Watkinson - drums
Pye Dubois - lyrics
Mercury Records
Rush played with the Canadian supergroup Max Webster for one of the cuts of their album.

Steve Says

This is a GREAT song. It's real mean and powerful. If more people could've heard this, it would have been a big hit. It should have been!


"We set up both bands live and we had this producer Jack Richardson standing in the middle with a baton, sort of conducting us. We were all in a circle and he was in the middle, and we just recorded the tune."Geddy from Visions by Bill Banasiewicz

"Toronto, July 28, 1980. An intense thunderstorm raged outside all day long, while indoors a storm of a different kind was brewing. In the studios of Phase One, two complete sets of equipment crammed the room, and two complete bands filled the air with a Wagnerian tumult, as Max Webster and ourselves united to record a song for their album, called Battlescar."Neil from the Moving Pictures Tourbook


Battlescar can also be found on the Max Webster cds The Best of Max Webster and 20th Century Masters and on the Kim Mitchell cd Greatest Hits.

Pye Dubois is Max Webster's non-performing non-touring lyricist. Neil and he have collaberated on the lyrics to Tom Sawyer, Force Ten and Between Sun And Moon.

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Universal Juveniles at CD Now.
The Best Of Max Webster at CD Now.
20th Century Masters at CD Now.

Battlescar at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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