Track 8
Neil Peart
from the flexidisc PIECES OF EIGHT

Neil Peart - acoustic & electronic drums
Modern Drummer Magazine
Eva-tone Soundsheets
Around the time of Power Windows, Neil decided to replace and rethink his drum setup, both acoustic and electronic. He demonstrated his new toys in a multi-track recording of a piece of music that used only percussion instruments. Modern Drummer magazine published the result as a flexidisc soundpage in their May 1987 issue.

Steve Says

This is an amazing sample of creativity as an expert drummer tries his hand at melodic composition. Using percussive instruments for every voice in the piece must have been quite a challenge.


Pieces Of Eight was so entitled because of all the different time signatures it went through.

Pieces of Pieces Of Eight can be heard in most of Neil's subsequent drum solos.

Where To Find It

Pieces Of Eight Out of Print.

Pieces Of Eight at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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