Track 14
from the album LOST BROTHERHOOD

Lawrence Gowan - keyboards, vocals
Alex Lifeson - guitar
Ken Greer - guitar
Tony Levin - bass
Jerry Marotta - drums
7 82117-2
Alex plays guitar throughout the entire solo album of Canadian keyboardist Lawrence Gowan.

Eric Says

Released by Anthem Records [in Canada], the album includes Red Rider guitarist Kenny Greer. ... Originally a member of 70's Toronto progressive rock band Rhinegold, after their breakup Larry Gowan went solo performing with various artists, including Jon Anderson (of Yes), and has worked with Rush's producer and cover artist (Terry Brown and Hugh Syme). In 1999 Gowan replaced Dennis DeYoung on Styx's 1999 comeback tour.

Steve Says

Great stuff here. Alex emotes on some excellent guitar solos. I had the pleasure of seeing Gowan perform with Styx in 1999 and was blown away by his showmanship.

Rush fans really need to get this cd. Alex contributes to each track.
The listing is as follows:

  • All The Lovers In The World
  • Lost Brotherhood
  • Call It A Mission
  • The Dragon
  • Love Makes You Believe
  • Fire It Up
  • Out Of A Deeper Hunger
  • Tender Young Hero
  • Message From Heaven
  • Holding This Rage
  • Tidbits

    The song "Lost Brotherhood" is also on Best of Gowan, 1997 [thanks Eric].

    "The Dragon" also turned up on the soundtrack to Navy Seals.

    Alex was featured in Gowan's video for "Lost Brotherhood".

    Alex jammed with Gowan during Kumbaya Festival 94.

    Where To Find It

    Out of Print.

    Lost Brotherhood at Freedom Of Music, the largest collection of Rush rarities in MP3 format.

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