Fly By Night

Anthem (4:22)
Best I Can (3:25)
Beneath, Between and Behind (3:02)
By-Tor and the Snowdog (8:37)
   I. At The Tobes Of Hades
   II. Across The Styx
   III. The Battle
   IV. Epilogue
Fly By Night (3:21)
Making Memories (2:58)
Rivendell (4:57)
In The End (6:47)

Alex Lifeson
Electric Guitars, six and twelve string acoustic guitars. "Snow Dog"

Neil Peart

Geddy Lee
Bass guitars, classical guitars, all vocals. "By-Tor"

Produced by Rush and Terry Brown / Executive Production by Moon Records, owned and operated by SRO Productions Ltd.
Management by Ray Danniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto

Engineered by: Terry Brown
Assistant Engineer: John Woloschuk
Arrangements: RUSH and Terry Brown
Recorded and Mixed at: Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
Road Master: Howard "Herns" Ungerleider
Road Crew: Ian Grandy, Liam Birt, J.D. Johnson
Mastered at: Masterdisk, New York
(Remastered at: Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine)
Mastering: Gilbert Kong
(Remastering: Bob Ludwig and Brian Lee)
Cover Concept: RUSH
Cover Painting: Eraldo Carugati
Art Direction: Jim Ladwig/AGI Chicago
Design: Joe Kotleba
Photography: Richard Fegley
By-Tor Characters inspired by: Herns
Belated Mention: Mr. O. Scar
Continuing Thanks to: Cliff Burnstein, Donna Halper, Don Shafer, and to all who have helped


© 1975 Mercury Records © 1975 Anthem Entertainment


  • Mercury/Polygram, February 15, 1975
  • Highest Billboard Chart Position: 113 - Certified Gold by RIAA: December 1, 1993 - Certified Platinum: December 1, 1993
  • The original hand penned lyrics for both "Anthem" and "Fly By Night" include different or additional lyrics not sung in the recorded songs.
  • On the original vinyl, the chimes at the end of "By-Tor and the Snowdog" were pressed into the fadeout groove of side one, which meant that on older turntables the chimes would play FOREVER until the stylus was phycially lifted from the vinyl. On the Archives version, "By-Tor" is 28 seconds longer as additional chimes were included.
  • Reissued January 27, 2015 by Universal Music Enterprises on 200-gram, heavyweight vinyl with a download code for a 320kbps MP4 vinyl ripped Digital Audio album download; high resolution Digital Audio editions in DSD (2.8mHz), 192khz / 24-bit, 96kHz / 24-bit; and an additional Blu-Ray Pure Audio version with 96kHz / 24-bit 5.1 surround sound and stereo.
  • Click here for the 'Fly By Night' Transcript Archive.

In Their Own Words

"The first day we ever played together, the basis of the song 'Anthem' was one of the things that we sort of jammed on....the whole being greater than the parts was apparent right there and that was the birth of a song on day one." - Neil Peart, "Rockline", December 2, 1991
"'Best I Can' is an earlier song from the old days" - Alex Lifeson, Contents Under Pressure
"[Howard Ungerleider] moved on to crashing at Ray [Danniel's] house, where he had to suffer Ray's dogs - a German shepherd, 'which used to look at me and growl, it was always pissed off,' and a 'little, white, fluffy thing, like a snowball, which just jumped up and down,' he explains. One day it all got too much - for Howard. 'I was in Ray's back yard, the fucking snowdog thing was jumping up, and the German shepherd was biting me...' Of course when he recounted it to the guys, they thought it was hilarious. 'A biter, and the Snow Dog,' they laughed. 'Sounds like an epic song!'" - Chemistry


The was no tourbook for this album.

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