Compilation supervised by Jeff Fura

Digitally assembled by Mike Jones at Universal Mastering Studios - West

Art Direction: Vartan
Design: Ryan Rogers / Oddopolis
Cover Art: Hugh Syme
Photo Coordination: Ryan Null
Photograph: Fin Costello

Production Manager: Shannon Steckloff
Legal Clearances: Andrew Labarrere
Product Manager: Jill Ettinger

© 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group. B0014654-02
© 2011 The Island Det Jam Music Group. B0015674-02


  • Universal, August 31, 2010 (1 CD edition)/July 19, 2011 (2 CD edition)
  • Rush's ICON compilation samples the band's complete catalog released on the Mercury label. ICON includes one track from each of Rush's first 12 albums, running in chronological order, while ICON 2 adds a second disk of live tracks culled from Rush's first 4 live albums, also in chronological order.
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In Their Own Words

"Experience one song from each of the trio's 12 Mercury albums, including 'Working Man,' 'The Twilight Zone' and classic rock radio staple 'Limelight.'" - PRNewswire.com, August 9, 2010
"In August 2010, as part of the launch of its successful ICON Series, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) released the single disc, 12-song collection Rush ICON featuring tracks from their first 12 Mercury studio albums. With songs including 'Working Man' off their 1974 debut, the title track of 1975's Fly By Night, 'Closer To The Heart' from 1977's A Farewell To Kings, 'Freewill' from 1980's Permanent Waves, the hit 'Limelight' from 1981's quadruple platinum-selling album Moving Pictures and 'Red Sector A' from their 1984 release Grace Under, Rush ICON is now available as part of this specially priced, two-disc set. Disc 2 of Rush: Icon 2 is the first-ever compilation of highlights from the band's four Mercury live albums. Kicking off disc two is the hard-hitting classic 'Bastille Day' and their opus '2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx' from the 1976 platinum-selling All The World's A Stage which marked their first Top 40 album in the U.S.  Also included are live recordings of the No. 4 hit single 'The Spirit Of The Radio,' 'La Villa Strangiato' and the Top 10 hit 'Tom Sawyer,' taken from 1981's Exit…Stage Left which reached Top 10 on the Billboard 200.   Also included are live versions of the No. 4 hit 'The Big Money,' 'Mystic Rhythms' and 'Time Stands Still,' taken from 1989's Top 50 live album A Show of Hands, and 'Closer To The Heart,' 'New World Man' and 'Vital Signs' taken from Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984." - PRNewswire.com, July 18, 2011