Retrospective 3

CD Tracklist
One Little Victory (remix) (5:11)
Dreamline (4:39)
Workin' Them Angels (4:49)
Presto (5:48)
Bravado (4:38)
Driven (4:29)
The Pass (4:53)
Animate (6:05)
Roll The Bones (5:32)
Ghost Of A Chance (from S&A Live) (5:51)
Nobody's Hero (4:56)
Leave That Thing Alone (4:08)
Earthshine (remix) (5:38)
Far Cry (5:18)

Dexlue Edition DVD Tracklist
Stick It Out
Nobody's Hero
Half The World
Roll The Bones
Show Don't Tell
The Pass
Far Cry
Malignant Narcissism
The Seeker (live from R30)
Secret Touch (live from R30)
Resist (live from R30)
The Colbert Report: interview and live performance of Tom Sawyer

bass guitar, bass pedals, synthesizers, vocals

electric and acoustic guitar, synthesizers

drums, percussion, electronic percussion

Assembled by Andy VanDette
Mastered by Andy VanDette, Masterdisk, New York

Art Direction and Design by Hugh Syme
The Colbert Report courtesy of Comedy Central © 2008

Management by Ray Daniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto, Canada

All songs written by Lee/Lifeson/Peart except Leave That Thing Alone (Lee/Lifeson)/The Seeker (Peter Townshend)

© 2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation


  • Atlantic/Anthem, March 3, 2009
  • Retrospective 3 debuted at #47 on the Soundscan chart, with just over 10,000 units sold the first week.
  • The first official compilation from the 7 studio albums from the Atlantic years (1989-2008), Retrospective 3 was released as both a single CD edition as well as a CD+DVD edition.
  • The CD+DVD edition of Retrospective 3 includes all Atlantic-era production videos plus additional content.
  • While previous Rush compilations offered a fairly even distribution in the number of tracks per album being represented, that cannot be said of Retrospective 3. Of the six studio albums represented, while 4 of the 10 tracks from the album Roll The Bones are included, there is only one from Test For Echo (there are three from Counterparts, and two each from Presto, Vapor Trails and Snakes & Arrows). "Ghost Of A Chance" live was recorded July 22, 2008, in Atlanta, Georgia; previously released in the "Oh Atlanta" section on the Snakes & Arrows Live video.
  • Click here for the 'Retrospective 3' Transcript Archive.

In Their Own Words

"We all had our two cents worth in there. We got a tracklisting from management saying: 'These are our suggestions.' Then we tore it apart, ha-ha. Everyone was like: 'Nah, I don't want that in' or 'Why don't we put this one in, instead?' What you basically want is a representation of the period, and you also want to include some things that you thought got overlooked. Songs that deserve a second chance or songs that through playing live over the years you've gotten to appreciate, That's the combination of different attitudes you take when putting these things together....We don't really have hits. It's not like a greatest hits, more All The Songs That Were Not Hits by Rush, ha ha. These are songs that we're proud of and believe that somehow have passed the test of time, and you try and put them into a package that adheres to the concept of a retrospective." - Geddy Lee, Classic Rock, April 2009
"'We don't have a lot of disagreements,' Lee says about the selection process. 'We're ridiculously sensible. We sent a few e-mails and everyone said, "Sure, thumbs up." It was painless.'" - Entertainment Weekly, March 20, 2009
"Our fans probably have all those songs in one form or another, so if we're going to put something out there we'd like to try to make it a little different. We tried to include some unusual versions of some of those songs. If I had my druthers it would be a boxed set of three discs. But that's not very practical. I would like to spend some time at some point doing some creative boxed sets. I think that would be fun." - Geddy Lee,, March 17, 2009
"The Retrospective 3 DVD gathers the band's 10 stunning music videos during the Atlantic years, including clips for fan favorites such as 'The Pass,' 'Roll The Bones,' 'Stick It Out,' 'Driven,' and the Grammy Award-nominated 'Malignant Narcissism.' What's more, the DVD includes a trio of live videos filmed in Frankfurt, Germany during Rush's 2004 'R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour,' highlighted by a masterful performance of The Who's classic 'The Seeker' (originally recorded by Rush for 2004's Feedback). As an added bonus, the band has included a rare televised performance of the classic 'Tom Sawyer' and an on-camera interview featuring all three members." - Retrospective 3 Press Release

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