Rush Through Time

Geddy Lee - Bass/Accoustic Guitar/Vocals
Alex Lifeson - Accoustic And Electric Guitars
Neil Peart - Drums/Percussion

© 1979 Mercury Records © 1979 Anthem Entertainment


  • Released by Mercury Records, without Rush's knowledge or consent, outside of North America in early 1979. Although the exact release date is unknown, it was advertised as early as May 1979. Originally released as a picture disc, the album was repressed on black vinyl in 1981, with additional pressings in the next few years in various countries around the world.
  • Rush Through Time was an updated version of a previously released promo only LP dubbed Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted to Hear by Rush But You Were Afraid to Play, which was sent to radio stations by Mercury Records in 1976 following the success of 2112. Where the previous album only featured tracks from Fly By Night, Caress of Steel and 2112, Rush Through Time dropped "Lakeside Park" and "Bacchus Plateau", replacing them with "Cinderella Man" and "Closer To The Heart" respectively, two tracks from A Farewell to Kings.

In Their Own Words

"Released entirely without our knowledge or consent (not that they need it), and certainly contains nothing of any interest - not even the cover, and certainly not that title. We wouldn't do that. Have you noticed that everyone puns with our name except us?" - Neil Peart, "Backstage Club newsletter", 1988