Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance
by Neil Peart

  • Opening Titles
  • Introduction
  • Preparation For The Tour
    • Choosing The Set List
    • "The Spirit Of Radio" Drum Rehearsal
    • Creating A New Solo
    • Drum Rehearsal: Solo Improv
    • "Love For Sale" Performance
    • Explanation Of Big Band Section
  • Show Day
    • 1 P.M. Drum Set-Up
    • 5 P.M. Soundcheck
    • 7 P.M. Pre-Warm-Up Discussion In Bubba Gump Room
    • 7:30 P.M. Warm-Up
  • The Show
    • The Spirit Of Radio
    • Time Stand Still
    • Presto
    • Stick It Out
    • Workin' Them Angels
    • Leave That Thing Alone!
    • Faithless
    • BU2B
    • Freewill
    • Marathon
    • Subdivisions
    • Tom Sawyer
    • Red Barchetta
    • YYZ
    • Limelight
    • The Camera Eye
    • Witch Hunt
    • Vital Signs
    • Caravan
    • Moto Perpetuo (Drum Solo)
    • Closer To The Heart
    • 2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx
    • Far Cry
    • La Villa Strangiato
    • Working Man
  • Closing Remarks And Credits
  • Special Features
    • The Story Of "Caravan"
    • "Bravado" Discussion And Performances
    • Snakes & Arrows Tour: "Natural Science"
    • Snakes & Arrows Tour: "The Trees"
    • Interview With Lorne "Gump" Wheaton
    • Interview With Louie From DW
    • Photo Gallery
    • PDF eBook

On this 3-disc DVD set Neil Peart examines the challenges of live performance. Drawing from over 30 years touring the world, Neil breaks down, demonstrates, and performs classic drum parts from songs spanning the entire Rush catalog, thereby giving the viewer the most in-depth insight into Neil's body of work ever documented.

Filmed in various locations over the course of a year, Neil takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at Rush's 2010-11 Time Machine Tour. Beginning with a visit to his personal pre-tour rehearsals, Neil shows the ways in which he prepares for the upcoming tour. The viewer is then transported backstage at a Rush concert to witness the setting up of the drumset, the soundcheck, and an unprecedented backstage interview where Neil explains and runs through his warm-up routine, and discusses the upcoming concert.

Neil then presents a detailed look at every single song in the Time Machine set list (which includes the entire Moving Pictures album). For each song, key grooves and fills are analyzed by Neil in an interview setting with Hudson's Joe Bergamini. For each groove and fill discussed, both full-speed and slow-motion drums-only demonstrations are included, coupled with PDF icons that allow the viewer to analyze and practice the patterns using the included PDF eBook. At the end of each song discussion, the viewer is transported onstage to a Rush concert to see the actual live performance of the song from the perspective of the drum cameras only (with an exclusive, custom audio mix that features the drums heard slightly louder than a normal concert DVD mix).

With in-studio rehearsal footage, backstage scenes, live concert performances, and breathtaking interview footage filmed in Death Valley National Park, California, this package documents not only Neil's approach to live performance, but of the very essence of his drum style, on all the classic Rush songs, including "Tom Sawyer," "Subdivisions," "YYZ," "The Spirit of Radio," "Free Will," "Limelight," "Far Cry," "Marathon,' "Time Stand Still," and many more. The DVD concludes with an extensive discussion, analysis, and performance of the newest Rush song, "Caravan."

Bonus features include two additional live performances (seen from the drum cameras only) from the 2008 Snakes and Arrows Tour, an additional educational segment on the song "Bravado," PDF eBook; photo gallery, and an interview with Neil's drum tech Lorne Wheaton.

Produced by Rob Wallis and Paul Siegel
Co-Produced by Joe Bergamini
Directed by Gregory McKean
Edited by Phil Fallo
Mixed by Sean McClintock

Art direction and design by Hugh Syme
Cover photo by Andrew MacNaughtan
Back slipcase cover photo by Rob Wallis (Neil on bike coming towards camera)
Front digipak photo by Neil Peart
Back digipak photo by Paul Siegel (Neil and Joe Bergamini in canyon)
Back digipak inset photo by Clayton Call (Neil and drums)
Digipack inside tray photo by Paul Siegel (the whole crew on the ridge)

Running time 7 hr / 37 min

© 2011 Hudson Music LLC. All Rights Reserved. Please visit www.takingcenterstage.net

DVD release October 14, 2011