Don't Care (4:04)
Promise (5:44)
Start Today (3:48)
Mr. X (2:21)
At The End (6:07)
At The End (6:07)
Sending Out A Warning (4:11)
Shut Up Shuttin' Up (4:02)
Strip And Go Naked (3:57)
The Big Dance (4:14)
Victor (6:25)
I Am The Spirit (5:31)

Alex Lifeson - Guitar, bass, mandola, keyboards, programming, vocals, yelling
Edwin - Vocals
Bill Bell: Black Hole guitar, twelve-string guitar, guitar, E-Bow, wah guitar, slide guitar, wobble, background vocals
Blake Manning: Drums, darbuka
Dalbello: Vocals (Track 3)
Peter Cardinali: Bass (Tracks 4, 7 & 10)
Adrian Zivojinovich: Programming (Tracks 5 & 9)
Les Claypool: Bass (Track 9)
Colleen Allen: Horns (Track 10)

Produced by Alex Lifeson

Recorded by Alex Lifeson
At Lerxst Sound, Oct. 1994 - July 1995, Assisted by Bill Bell
Mixed by Alex Lifeson
At McClear Pathe, Toronto, Assisted by Denis Tougas
Arrangements by Alex Lifeson

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine
Management by Ray Danniels, SRO, Toronto
Executive Production by Lerxst

Art Direction by Andrew MacNaughtan
Photography by Andrew MacNaughtan
Design by Megan Oldfield, Coolaide Design

Edwin appears courtesy of Capital Records, Inc.
Dalbello appears courtesy of EMI Electrola Gmbh., Germany
Les Claypool appears courtesy of Interscope Records, Inc.

Special thanks to nobody in particular.

Grateful acknowledgements for the technical assistance of Coll Audio, Saved by Technology, P.R.S. Guitars, Zurba, DOD Digitech, Dean Markley Strings, and of course, The Omega Concern.

Dedicated to Charlene for her inspiration, spirit and loving support.

In Memory of Randy Knox

© 1996 Atlantic/Anthem/Lerxt Music Inc.


    I Am The Spirit Single Promise Single Smell The Fuzz 2
  • Atlantic/Anthem/Lerxt Music Inc., January 9, 1996
  • Highest Billboard Chart Position: 99
  • There were three promotional singles released for Victor: "Don't Care" (album version), "Promise" (radio edit), and "I Am The Spirit" (radio edit and album version).
  • A promotional concept video was released for "Promise".
  • "Strip And Go Naked" was later released on the Guitars That Rule the World, Vol. 2: Smell the Fuzz: The Superstar Guitar Album (October 22, 1996).
  • I Mother Earth's vocalist, Edwin, was the male vocalist on Victor; shortly after this release, Alex Lifeson performed one track on their album Scenery and Fish. Alex also perfomed on "Never Over" and additional tracks on Edwin's Better Days (October 3rd, 2006).
  • Alex later recorded tracks with Tara MacLean, wife of Victor co-guitarist Bill Bell, for her album Passenger. However according to Tara, none of Alex's tracks were included on her album.
  • Click here for the Victor Transcript Archive


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