Rush Art Gallery & Desktop Wallpaper

These images are for personal use only, and cannot be redistributed without explicit permission from the webmaster. This gallery features high quality Rush art from the albums and tourbooks for use as desktop wallpaper. Releases are listed in chronological order and include solo projects. While many of these images were simply cropped to fit your monitor, others took a great deal of time and effort to remove staples, printed lyrics, folds, etc., and manipulated (requiring a few liberties) to fit common 16:10 aspect ratio screens. Whenever possible, informational quotes have been included relating to the images. Click here for download and installation tips and help.

"The Rush Art Gallery"

Inspired by the original Retrospective linernotes artwork, these composite images were created by merging aspects of the liner art from the Retrospectives and Gold compilation albums with the remaining studio and live album covers, arranged by release date. Available in two versions: a) just the studio albums, and b) studio and live albums.

The Rush Art GalleryThe Rush Art Gallery


Fly By Night

Caress of Steel


All The World's A Stage

A Farewell To Kings



Rush Through Time

Permanent Waves

Moving Pictures

Exit...Stage Left



Grace Under Pressure

Power Windows

Hold Your Fire

A Show of Hands



Roll the Bones



Test for Echo

A Work In Progress

Retrospective I & II

Different Stages

My Favorite Headache

Vapor Trails

The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits

Rush In Rio


R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour

Anatomy Of A Drum Solo


Replay X 3

Snakes & Arrows

Snakes & Arrows Live

Restrospective 3

Working Men

Time Stand Still: The Collection

Beyond The Lighted Stage

Moving Pictures Deluxe Edition


Fire On Ice

Time Machine 2010 Tourbook

Taking Center Stage

Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland

Moving Pictures: Live 2011


Clockwork Angels

2112 Deluxe Edition

Vapor Trails Remixed

Clockwork Angels Tour

R40 Boxed Set

R40 Tourbook

R40 Live

Time Stand Still

2112 40th Anniversary

A Farewell to Kings 40th Anniversary

Hemispheres 40th Anniversary

Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary

Envy Of None

Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary